Porto Montenegro, Montenegro: Balkan So Hard #6 - Purobeach

Despite S insisting we forgo Purobeach for Almara Beach Club not one, but two days in a row I simply had to go, if only to see in person the iconic gazing man.

And he did not disappoint. Composed of alphabets I recognised (Chinese, Japanese, & Latin), transparent with his insides exposed---as I felt that day---and gazing perpetually at the horizon, his peaceful, stoic form encapsulated my loneliness, melancholy, yet perpetual optimism.


I went to Purobeach, alone, to be with my thoughts.

The bar was many shades of soft, inviting, creams and whites, light gently diffusing through sheer ceiling-to-floor curtains (my favourites) but honestly I had no reason to spend another minute there when I could instead walk through to the pool...

...how thoughtful, the view has already been framed by a square for one's Instagraming convenience. 

This is a sophisticated, "soft-hangout" place for an older crowd; not barely-out-of-their-teens in fluoro undies and "No Carbs Before Marbs" tees looking to swap DNA over impossibly loud rave music and spilling their Smirnoff Ice in the pool, or God forbid, stumble out screaming and fighting on the streets embarrasing Britain. 

As an old woman and somewhat retired party animal, the tranquil non-pace of Purobeach was perfect. 

I had nobody to share a cabana with, and why would I? The sun loungers are far closer to the pool.

I had a typically arduous day. Falling asleep in the sun---and failing to turn dark brown---to chilled out beats, jumping into the pool when it got too hot...


...and leaning over the edge of the infinity pool and gazing out to the Montenegrin sea wondering what it's all about.

And then I noticed a most curious thing...

...a small flock of swallows, diving into the pool to wet their little feet and presumably take sips of water.

They had absolute no fear of humans, and would dive bomb within inches of people. If anything the swimmers would jump and recoil from the daredevil birds.

I wondered what bird enjoyed the taste of chlorine until I realised the pool water was of course ozone filtered. As it would have to be, flowing endlessly into the sea... 

I left Purobeach only when the sun went down. Peace of mind, achieved. Illumination, new level unlocked. Golden tan? Try again next time.


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