Porto Montenegro, Montenegro: Balkan So Hard #4 - Teeing Off

Last Friday I reluctantly peeled myself off the floating bar in Almara Beach Club and dragged my dusty heels to a party of sorts at Lustica BayI had no idea what the event was for. I only vaguely remember hearing the words 'BMW---launch---canapes---champagne---golf---archery'. Archery! Alright then.

Sadly I never made it to the archery range, several glasses of champagne combined with heat stroke saw to that.

Fun fact; fruit always tastes better when it's glazed in sugar.

And bars always look better with mountains in the background.

Anything is vastly improved with a mountain view, really.

Except for dry feet in desperate need of a good seeing to. Not even the grandeur of Tivat's landscape can avert my eyes from the horrors that are my weary soles. Something has to be done.

Until then there's always golf.

Not that I'm actually any good at it...

...but I'll have you know I only missed hitting the ball once before actually making a shot.

Granted it travelled for about ten meters before coughing, sputtering, and rolling over to die. It was the saddest little thing.

I'll just stick to eating sugared fruit and drinking bubbly.


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