Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Of 20 inch pizzas, Christmas lights, & stupidly photogenic boyfriends.

In a bid to assert my individuality and independence I had an evening out without my man *gasp*. Yes, it's come to this: Henry and I have become symbiotic, like a clownfish and an anemone. Last night I swam away from the comfort of the anemone into the brave big ocean of Covent Garden for a date with Luxy. And what a perfect date it was: measuring the aptitude of my new camera by getting the perfect photo against a backdrop of Christmas lights, gossiping about our blogging peers over giant Homeslice pizzas from wood fire ovens, discussing which clubs have the best Christmas balls (can I rock up to Hurlingham dressed as Queen Elsa?) while nibbling on post-dinner cupcakes from Lola's Kitchen, and contemplating our next Caribbean holiday destination while late night shopping on Covent Garden. It's the simple things like these that make being young and (reasonably) privileged so damn enjoyable. LUX(E) LYF 4EVA 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Going nude for winter.

...as nude as it's possible to be in winter without evoking 'Is she or isn't she a Pretty Woman' contemplation from polite society. Winter is about keeping warm and covered from the elements. Yet one can still show off a streamlined silhouette and the illusion of bare skin with slim fits in flesh-coloured tones. Why risk hypothermia in the quest to constantly display your carefully-crafted and honed figure to its best ability? Stay warm in barely-there, heat-retaining thermals (yes, your legs too), add as little bulk as possible with refined cashmere layers, elongate your figure with high-waisted trousers and knee high boots, and of course accessorise with a felt hat, matching gloves, and a pop of red in your lips to stand out from a sophisticated backdrop of nudes, neutrals, and taupe. This winter I'm going nude. Perhaps you might like to give winter nudes a try? Here are my picks to get you started. Stay nude and stay warm. x
1. 'Suit your selfie' iPhone 5 case. Every modern social media narcissist needs one of these. 
2. Scarlett turtleneck cashmere jumper. An investment piece to last winter after winter. 
3. Faux fur gloves 
4. Felt hat from the king of hats Maison Michel. How beautiful is the patchwork version
5. Heattech polo neck from the master of layers Uniqlo. Their heattech range is my winter lifesaver:  thin thermals you can layer under sheer tops and slim dresses. Comes in dozens of styles (polo necks, tees, tank tops), colours and prints which makes it a perfect wardrobe basic---either to layer under clothes or to mix and match with an outfit. I've got my eye on this ombre grey one. 
6. Blanket cape. A high-street hero with high-end flair. 
7. High waisted trousers from ASOS Tall. For those who like a long-legged, slimmer silhouette with a small waist.  
8. Riding pant, American Apparel. Extremely flattering, comfortable, and gives you legs for miles. I've got the black version for riding, funnily enough. 
9. 'Lowland' knee high boots. A lighter, suede version of the classic 5050s by Stuart Weitzman. 
10. Cobra and leather tote (60% off on Outnet!), Rochas. 
11. A classic red by the Queen of lipsticks, M.A.C. My personal favourite is Russian Red. 
12. Cuir de Russie 'Russian leather'an imperial fragrance by CHANEL. Smells of horses, gentlemen's clubs, Russians, and cigarettes, but in the most seductive way possible. 
13. Sasha shark tooth necklace, By Invite Only. A Singaporean label that makes limited editions of jewellery from minerals like agate and quartz. 
14. White and gold Tribale earrings, Dior. The earring du jour with a little extra something.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Chilling at Chiltern and meandering around Mayfair.

God, I love autumn: wool coats, hats and gloves to match, Stuart Weitzman 5050 knee high boots, the contrast of a cold face in the brisk air and a warm body wrapped in snuggly sheepskin... I'm ever so glad that summer is over and believe me, I'm not exaggerating (in fact, I find that when I am as content as I am right now I tend to play things down, smile sagely even in the face of attempted provocation, and just generally waltz through life in a zen-like state) when I say that I d-e-t-e-s-t the heat. I've lived in both a tropical paradise (Malaysia) and in one with four seasons (England), and I find cold weather much preferable to hot weather. When it's too cold, you simply wear more layers.  But what are you going to do when it's too hot? Peel off your skin? Exactly. In Kuala Lumpur a typical day out would be: composing the perfect 'outfit of the day' only to change into loose, baggy clothing and flip flops, then driving my air-conditioned car from my air-conditioned hangout home to a air-conditioned hangout spot. No thanks to the Malaysian heat, I'd never be able to just walk around in Kuala Lumpur as I do in London. Wandering around Mayfair, kicking up crunchy golden leaves, smoking cigarettes and chatting absentmindedly, looking for the perfect spot for taking photos before nipping into Chiltern Firehouse for lunch...this is the (lush's) dream. And it is my reality. That is, until winter comes along and renders everything unbearably bitter.    

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hélène Darroze at the Connaught

Last night I had one of the most luxurious and decadent dining experiences in my life, and trust me, if there is one thing I know it is luxury and decadence. Mummy was in town, lawyer in tow, to discuss with Henry and I the mechanisms of running a business together, and so it was up to me to pick a place for dinner. After all, nothing facilitates an evening of brain-picking better than good food and good wine in a beautiful, grand, yet intimate atmosphere. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Posh, Broke, & Bored, and Regimental shop on One|Shop

Israel Air Force beret on Regimental Vintage. Model: Priska. Photographer: me.

I've been using blogger affiliate programs to recommend products of interest on Posh, Broke, & Bored for a while now but as far as running online shops go I'm a new upstart. Yes, I've had quite a basic online shop on my illustration website via Bigcartel for as long as I've remembered, but I've never really gotten involved with having an online shop until I recently started running Regimental Vintage with my boyfriend Henry Ridley-Cook. Up till now, there hasn't really been a way for me to make our fabulous collection of vintage military clothing and accessories available to shop on Posh, Broke, & Bored as individual ASOS Boutiques aren't affiliated with the programs I use...until now. Thanks to OneShop, I now have a shop on Posh, Broke, & Bored exclusively for things I make and sell: first, Regimental Vintage, and eventually prints of my illustrations and other future products.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Winter nest

'Grand chandelier' glo canvas, Nelly London / Moët blanket, gifted / faux fur throw, TK Maxx / Mulig rail, IKEA / unfinished paint job, me.

When I stepped off the plane from Kuala Lumpur an arctic blast greeted me and blasted away any delusions I had of an eternal summer after being in Malaysia for nearly a month. Winter is here in London and it is real, so real the doctor says I'm the ill-est ('cos I'm suffering from realness). I've taken great steps to weatherproof my nest, and by that I mean redecorate my bedroom to be so clean, calming, and warm so that I'd never need leave it except for work. If only I could so easily insulate my artist's studio! Those huge windows, so welcome in summer, are now perplexing my tranquility. C'est whatever. One space at a time. For now I've been repainting my bedroom walls and rearranging the furniture to accommodate my growing collection of winter clothes (those damn furs take up so much space). 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Regimental Vintage [Winter Collection] preview + OneShop preview

I'm so excited about Regimental Vintage (mine and Henry's baby)'s winter collection! For winter we've sourced a gorgeous, luxurious, and reasonably-priced collection of vintage military wool greatcoats, vintage military wool tunics, and even vintage Burberry and Aquascutum trench coats and macs.

Friday, 14 November 2014

A welcoming embrace back to London in the boozy bosom of Opium.

The prodigal daughter (yours truly, natch) returns to London and how better to welcome her back to this beautiful, chaotic, contradictory city than to envelope her in a comforting, hazy incense-cloud of a embrace in the warm bosom of a Chinatown parlour?
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