Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash & Tan Sri Dato Danny Tan's CNY Open House Party

March 05, 2013
Instagram photos from Nuffnang's 6th birthday bash at Lust, Changkat and Tan Sri Dato Danny Tan's Chinese New Year open house party at, um, his house in Tropicana. There's photos of people of all ages & creeds; whether it's gorgeous waif-like teen bloggers, 'real housewives' my age (holla at my girl Michiekins!), or Datuks and Datins alike. If ever you need proof that friendship & enjoyable company transcends ages, this blog post is it. Have banter, will hang out. Age difference, what? Age only matters if you're a cheese. 

Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash at Lust, Changkat

☝ Michiekins & I putting our best faces forward. 
☝ Outfit; Shoes Shoes Shoes wedges, House Of Eight clutch and necklace (keeping the accessories local---Malaysia boleh!). ASOS dress.

☟First time seeing Ringo since 2 (or 3?) years ago in London.
☟ With adorable Audrey who I wouldn't stop talking to about babies. BABIES!

☝ With Joyce (see you in London!) and gorgeous blogging sisters Ash & Jane. Why is the new generation so slender and stunning? Scratch that, why is EVERYONE so hot AND thin? Asian women putting the rest of the world to shame. *hides behind a very large rock with a cheeseburger*

☝ Group shot. I know, so much beauty in one picture is unfathomable. I nearly caught fire.

☟Goodie bags don't do it for me anymore, I have to appropriate party props to feel a 'buzz'. It's like chasing the dragon. I grabbed balloons on the way out and struggled to wrestle them into Michiekin's boot. Nearly fell over on the streets of Changkat, in my 6 inch heels fighting to stop balloons escaping from a car. The next day they deflated and left me flat (hahaha)

☝ Afterparty with Nana & Michiekins. Blind lens-less fruit bats, unite! 

Tan Sri Dato Danny Tan's Chinese New Year Open House at Tropicana

☟Zara blazer, Forever 21 dress, Bvlgari bag, and white jade bangle for harmony, balance, & protection from harm.

☝ With Tan Sri, Puan Sri, Marina, and mum & dad

☟The food spread; stalls of Malaysian food both catered & freshly cooked while you wait, salad bars, and even a Musang King durian stall.

☟ Alfresco dinner party by the pool and fireworks in the back yard (really the entire country club) are the way to go. I want to build a house on a country club, if not for all the golf balls flying into the garden. 

☝ Tan Sri nudged me to take a closer look at his newly acquired art. Princess Diana's face was composed of hundreds of The Queen's, I can't remember what Mao's was, and Marilyn Monroe's face was made of hundreds of Kennedy's. I see what you did there.

Is it bad that I like heavily filtered iPhone photos as much as 'real' photos? Oh well, anything that captures the moment and encourages us all to explore image-making.


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