Cuba, Malaysia, and Montenegro: 4 Hidden Gems in Turquoise Waters


Talk about topical - I've just spend the weekend helping my mother organise her jewellery and helping myself to some bits n' bobs. You're looking at the proud owner of a mother-of-pearl choker which I plan to wear, walk 10km, and mimic an Slowpoke cry in the hope that I'll evolve into Slowking (who else is loving Pokemon Go Gen 2?). Speaking of precious stones, this month's travel blogger linkup topic is "Hidden Gems", which I clearly jumped the gun on with this post back in October: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 3 Hidden Gems in Petaling Street. No matter! As the sky is full of stars so is the sea brimming with pearls of inspiration, of which I present My 4 Favourite Hidden Gems In Turquoise Seas.

Above: The crystalline waters of Cayo Largo, a Cuban jewel in the Caribbean ocean

March 05, 2017


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