Ten Reasons Why You Should Visit Split, Croatia


I can give you two reasons as to why I'm feelin' blue right now and they're both Croatia-related. One: It's all the colour I can see from editing my photos of Split - an endless palate of 'too turquoise to be true' skies and sea (not sure if Desktop wallpaper or...) and two: the non-stop parade of Balkan bliss is pure torture when juxtaposed against the landscape of grey outside my window (remind me to submit the shade to Pantone as 'London Summer'). If I were less noble *cough* and blogged only for my own benefit, then sure, I already have my reasons to return to the Dalmatian coast, but of course I've made it my duty to convince you to make like a Croat and Split! so without further ado, here's part 2 of my Ten Reasons Why You Should Visit Split, Croatia...


July 31, 2016

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split, Croatia


"Have you been to Split?" "Nope. I've heard it's nice down the middle, but opinions are divided." 

Another (disputed) Balkan city, another pun opportunity. The last and only time I visited Croatia was when I flew from London to Dubrovnik then drove an hour to Porto Montenegro, which gave rise to my terribly brilliant/brilliantly terrible remix of Ni**as in Paris: "Balkan so hard Montenegrins wanna fine me, first Slavs gotta find me, what's Kosovo to a Yugoslavian like me can you please remind me? Balkan so hard, that Serb cray." *long awkward silence* Clearly, being a lyrical gangster/prose mangler/politically-insensitive twat isn't yet criminalised in that part of the world because MC Interpol (or should that be PC Language?) didn't bar me from entering Croatia, where I've just returned from having spent the better part of the last week. 

And what a week. A spur of the moment decision which ensued in frantic bookings of flights and Airbnb the day before - you could say I made up my mind in a Split second, haha - turned into five blissful days of scrumptious Dalmatian feeding frenzies, too-blue-to-be-true waters and skies, gorgeous surroundings brimming with ancient history, and BC: brilliant company and blonde Croat (you'll see). 

Even if you haven't got your own floppy-haired blue-eyed BC to guide you around the dizzying labyrinth that is Old Town there's no reason why you shouldn't make your way to the largest city of Dalmatia. If you need more convincing, here's the first half of the fifty-something of my photos and ten reasons why you should make like a Croat and Split...


July 26, 2016

¡Hola from the other side! 🙋🏻 You may have seen from last week's Spanish shenanigans on Snapchat that Barcelona was the straw that broke this camel's back. Yep, this photography snob (you know, the one who bought a wifi-enabled DSLR because she refuses to Instagram any pictures taken on a smartphone) finally shook off her prejudice - "Isn't that the web-a-ma-thingy for sending noodz?" - and got down with the kids, probably by way of pre-30th birthday existential crisis. Anyway, apparently I took to the app like a duck to water because all my Canon 6D has to show from five days in Barcelona is 19 publishable photos, yet my Snapchat feed was a constant flow of comical voiceovers and regrettable singing, questionable use of the dog filter, and highly inappropriate skin shots punctuated by the occasional 🌞💃🏻🍷🇪🇸 .

It wasn't all tapas and twattery. Despite the crushing temperature and the ever-present distraction of a certain set of abs you could slice chorizo on, I did manage to visit most of the attractions and restaurants I sought out to see in Barcelona. Somehow, in spite of heat exhaustion, I managed to retain 15 facts to know about visiting Barcelona in the summer, which I'll share at the end of this post after I treat you to a charcuterie-style board of actual photography accompanied by my usual useful spiel. Because shiny new filters aside, no amount of Face Swap hilarity is substitute for good ol' fashion travel content...

July 08, 2016


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