aka 7 Reasons Not to Date a Blogger or "You don't have to be a masochist to work here, but it helps"

STOP THE PRESS! We have a more urgent issue to discuss. More pressing than world hunger, terrorism, and the Kylie lip kits being sold out combined - I'm talking about the woes of travel bloggers. What? How dare you suggest that this lucky niche who get paid to descend onto exotic destinations, fill up 5* hotels, gorge on all-you-can-eat, and chuckle at all things mainstream check their privilege? Also, it's pronounced BLAW-GER not BLAG-GER, dontcha know? Digressing! Just because a selfie stick-over the head shot of our perfectly tanned legs on 1000 thread count hotel linen surrounded by The New York Times (gotta stay current, dah-ling) and our #BreakfastInBed spread counts as the day's work doesn't mean #TravelBloggers don't put in hard graft, you know. It's not all humble brags (OMGJETLAGFASHWEEKLOL) and free swag, being paid to be a world citizen is a real job. So in the altruistic spirit of education and as my contribution to this month's travel blogger linkup here are My 7 Travel Blogger Problems. Passports and pitchforks at the ready...

May 01, 2016


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