Seoul, South Korea: Seoul Sisters (hey sister Seoul, sister)

Seoul, South Korea

 Seoul in 2½ Days - Days 2 and a half: 

Apgujeong, Gangnam and Hongdae

My last thirty two hours in Seoul, in photos. 

I thought my shopping was done and dusted on our first day in Myeong-Dong and Dongdaemun but evidently the call of the Dior flagship store in luxury district Apgujeong was too sweet to resist: I entered architect Christian de Portzamparc's masterpiece for the House of Dior carrying a limited edition Dior Lady handbag (which some of the staff discreetly coo-ed over) and left with some eye-candy to match: a new pair of sunglasses to shield my peepers from the dazzling lights of Gangnam. The infamous anthem that put South Korea on the international map lovingly lampoons Gangnam Style as flashy and new money, but our visit to Cafe Dior was defined by the impeccable service and effortless elegance one comes to expect from a timeless luxury icon. 

Dinner was a much more contemporary affair at 'Italian urban bistro' The Place. Copper pendant lights and seasonal fruit juices served in glass bottles (I had the almond and banana milk, yummy) perfectly complemented the hip, industrial vibe of the bistro, with the pièce de résistance being the flaming pizza. Brought to the table covered in a pastry dome which was then set alight for our amusement before being peeled away and the pizza underneath cut with scissors into slices, it was the highlight of a meal much earned after a whole afternoon spent wandering about Apgujeong because let's be real: as pretty as Pierre Hermes' macarons are, sweets are not sustenance. 

The next morning I squeezed as much as I could out of my last hours in Seoul by braving the autumn rain to visit the sheep at Thanks Nature café. Seoul has no shortage of critter cafés, but this charming café in Hongdae - a university district packed with vintage, pre-loved, and thrift stores - makes cat cafés and dog cafés look positively sheepish. That's all I'll say for now: I'll blog properly about Thanks Nature café and Café Dior next week. Until then, enjoy the second and last instalment of my Seoul photo diaries (and catch up with the first, here).

Praise be to Air Asia 'Premium Flatbeds', the supine positions of which is the only reason why I could enjoy a whirlwind 2½ days in Seoul without feeling like death warmed up. I'll blog about Premium Flatbed tomorrow with tips on how to upgrade an already pocket-friendly flight to a business-class experience on a budget. In the meantime, good night - I have to be up in a few hours for my brother's wedding in the morning (it's an all-day affair with family flown in as far as Australia!) - annyeonghi jumuseyo!


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