Helsinki, Finsland: Arriving at Hotel Klaus K

Helsinki, 00101 Helsinki, Finland

I'm the overly-coordinated sort - the type who matches the metals on her purse to her jewellery (for this reason I have two versions of my favourite handbags, i.e. two Chanel 2.55s - one with silver hardware, the other in gold) - so when it comes to travel, you know I'll have planned a theme for an entire trip. 

In Helsinki, I was a normcore hipster (although I failed to get a proper outfit shot of myself rocking ripped boyfriend jeans) stomping about the Design District in search of what makes the Nordic cities the catalyst of all things destined for Pinterest's trending page. It seemed only appropriate that I'd go for the 'boutique' experience, one I duly found smack bang in the middle of the city centre on a leafy, narrow boulevard where the sight-seeing trams ramble by. Klaus K is Helsinki's first design hotel whose aesthetics are inspired by Finland's national epic, Kalevala. Allusions to the hotel's history is woven among the modern details of the hotel's decor - you'd just as easily spot a giant sculpture made from silkworm cocoons as you will find framed embroidered verses from ancient poems. The rooms and interior express four emotional themes; Mystical, Passion, Desire, and Envy - and it was in the Desire King room that I had to fight, on a daily basis, the overwhelming want to stay in my ridiculously comfortable bed to watch TV all day. 

Lobby of Hotel Klaus K, Helsinki, Finland

While my Desire King Room paled in comparison to Klaus K's swish Sky Suites,  I was well-stocked with everything I could need for a short city break. I took full advantage of the Malin + Goetz toiletries - shamelessly slathering myself in lotions that smelt of coriander, mint, and rum which made me smell like a cocktail, shoved my daily mess into the many ingenious storage spaces (especially the leather ottoman and hidden wardrobe behind the mirror) while marvelling at Klaus K's ability to make minimalism and modernism so desirable - again, they're preaching to a woman who buys five of everything 'just in case' and aspires to live in a crumbling medieval castle with bats for lodgers. 

Desire King Room, Hotel Klaus K, Helsinki, Finland

A care package from the tourism board, Visit Helsinki, who kindly welcomed me with a press kit including Helsinki Cards ie. the Golden Ticket that grants you free access to the city's museums and sights, privileges, and free public transport including the ferries that take you to Helsinki's many islands.

My stay was very pleasant - not even the selfish actions of certain 'VIP guests' on my floor (the entourage of a very well-known American rapper) who drove us all out into the Finnish night with their setting off the fire alarms could sour our proverbial grapes (although I'm definitely not going to be buying his records anytime soon). I'd definitely recommend Klaus K as a city base whose desirable location (in the middle of the Design District, walking distance to the ports) is matched by its style-credentials and amenities

*MY stay in Helsinki is partially sponsored by Hotel Klaus K Helsinki and Visit Helsinki, but all opinions are as always, mine and mine only.

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