Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia: The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort, Part 2

Pahang, Malaysia

What's up, buttercup?

Despite not getting very much sleep at all (the story of my life; I just want to make nice things and get enough sleep, is that too much to ask?) I managed to rise early the next morning. Here's something I wish I knew when I was in college: waking up early is almost always worth it. After one powers through the initial excruciating start (for me it lasts as least an hour, I am not a morning person) and gets the ball rolling; hours just fly by, tasks get tackled with lightning effeciency, and lunchtime is greeted with a satisfaction that is almost like a drug. It's an amazing high that can last all day and do wonders for one's paradigm! Oh my God, I just wrote a whole paragraph on the joys of starting the day early, I am officially old. 

So my tasks at hand on that early Monday were, in this order; stretch. eat. do some work. go to the spa for a massage.

That doesn't seem terribly taxing. But considering that I had to start the day by getting out this glorious slice of heaven...

...yes, well, now you see my conundrum. But rise I did, and stretch I do. Always.

Breakfast at Belle Vue, the tea room. I always binge on holiday, it's disgusting and I love it.

I rarely eat breakfast but when I do I start with a double espresso...

...and give in to carbs. Love the lychee on the pastry. 

Eggs are of course an essential...

...since I'm trying to eat less carbs and more protein, I asked that my wonton mee have only a small scoop of noodles but more wontons and vegetables. I replace the carbs in my meal with more vegetables whenever I can, clearly it's working, I've never felt better.

'Make do and mend' eggs benedict. Despite lacking the usual ingredients for eggs benny, Chef whipped this up and it was scrumptious. Loved every last bite.

I managed to write a blog post about the Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows 2014 pre-event in which I assisted Chef Viet Pham in his 'mystery box' cooking challenge...

...and changed into something far more comfortable for my spa session. My default lazy day uniform; gym clothes, fierce eyebrows, and Louis Vuitton.

La Santé is the first European concept spa in Asia and the jewel in The Chateau’s crown. Combining the best of European spa expertise with renowned Asian hospitality, La Santé offers a complete organic experience to a discerning clientele who wishes to embark on a journey toward wellness. Apart from the usual treatments like massages, facials, hair styling, and manicures, La Santé also offers specialised programmes and therapies like Stress Relief, Body Sculpt, Wellness Getaway, Fit for Life, Couple Retreat, Pre Natal Therapy, Post Natal Remedy...the list goes on! As well as For The Men programmes. They also do professional nutritional consultation and bone density measurement.

They've been consistently winning awards, year after year, and their wall of fame (at the entrance of The Chateau) is hanging with so many accolades that I couldn't fit them all into one photo. 

It's a given that their facilities are excellent, in fact, La Sant é have so many rooms devoted to different specialised treatments that the spa itself is like a rabbit's warren, or even some sort of lemon and basil scented Wonderland. Behind every door is a different pleasant surprise.

I do like this massage bed, where one gets exfoliated and rinsed down all while lying down. Never having to get out of bed to shower, but instead lie down dirty and wake up clean? That is the dream.

A jacuzzi in a couple's therapy room...

...and a single room, for those who find themselves forever alone. Hello reflection, you're the only one I need.

The rather sparkly salt grotto, with Swarovski crystals embedded in the wall.

I imagine the wealthy, glamour-loving Middle Eastern spa-goers would approve. Speaking of Middle Easterners, La Sant é has an entirely set of therapy rooms in a smaller, separate part of the building for those whose culture emphasises privacy and modesty. As it should be, but you'd be surprise how many spas don't.

One of my favourite rooms is the herbal bath, where you sit in a little nook like a bun in a clay oven and steam yourself fragrant.

The veranda, overlooking the hills of Pahang, is quite a serene spot to sit quietly...

...but personally I prefer the outdoor jacuzzi in all its coziness. 

I have an obsession with pools of water indoors, or sheltered with a view of the outdoors, and especially underground. A shaded nook of water, where one can hide and watch the world pass by...to me that is so romantic. Snuggling with a date in a lagoon cave? Yes. Making out behind a waterfall? Yes yes. For a fire sign I sure have an fascination for water, perhaps to cool down my personality.

Back to the spa.

The LPG Integral S machine that uses patented Lipomassage and Endermolift for a pain free, 100% natural slimming techniques. For the body the Lipomassage slimming technique reactivates the fat release process (lipolysis) to erase localised fat, and the mechanical stimulation triggers reactivation of fat release and collagen and elastin production. 

And this!

The Accent Ultra, for safe, non-invasive and painless body reshaping. The first real alternative to surgical procedures (with no downtime or uncomfortable side effects) it uses radio frequency technology for advanced deep controlled heat therapy to contour and slim the body, improve cellulite and tighten sagging skin. 

If only I knew about these treatments I would have signed up for those and not a massage! What am I going to the gym (lies, I haven't gone since I've been back in K.L) and doing juice detoxes for?

Oh well.

I booked myself in for a Swedish massage.

My therapist was glorious and sorted out every kink in my shoulders. I did squeal like a stuck pig at every knot she untangled, but what is that saying? No pain, no gain. It's the good kind of pain where you feel instant relief and pleasure the moment the pressure is alleviated...hmmm, kind of like S&M. And people wonder why massages are so sensual? 

La Sant é uses Voya products, an organic seaweed skincare and body care range exclusive to La Santeé in Malaysia. A lot of the products have the most refreshing lemon and basil scent...the sort of smell I associate 'clean' with.

I love that the graphics, even though they are seaweed, looks a little like hands. Quite appropriate given that they're spa products, yes? 

Thoroughly tranquil, refreshed, and glowing post-massage...I should really go to the spa more often, it does wonders for my disposition. 

There's always the endorphins and feel good factor of the gym.

The gym looks out to a lovely water feature, and beyond that the balcony overlooks the forest.

Every morning the glass doors are opened so everybody on the machines gets to breathe in the fresh hill top air and enjoy the view. 

Doing weights the only way I know. Yes, 'bro', I do lift. More than you think I do. Try toting a 5kg handbag around all day long wearing high heels.

Every morning, yoga sessions are held outside on the courtyard so that the class can enjoy being closer to nature. Myself, I prefer the solitude (and mirror) of a studio.

Pardon the picture quality. 'Tis a little blurry, but I had to compromise either the focus of my camera or my posture. Clearly, posture wins.

I highly recommend The Chateau for a weekend of relaxation and wellness, especially for their spa. Such a nice treat for those when one wants to get out of the city in just under an hour and come back refreshed.


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