Christmas Menu at Pan Chai, Harrods

My family are hard work. Don't get me wrong, I love muh crazy Asian fam and wouldn't swap them for any other brood in the Chinese diaspora world, but let's make no bones about it - they keep me on my toes, in the most literal sense. You may have gandered from Instagram Stories (and if you didn't, you really should keep up) that the pack were in town over the weekend. Disappointed by their lack of aurora borealis sightings in Reykjavik, the fam extended their stopover in London - turning their frowns upside down with a four-day orgy of conspicuous consumerism (because there's no therapy like retail therapy) and seeking a Pan-Asian antidote to their Icelandic smorgasbord of reindeer meatballs. Clearly, 'tis the season to be hunting and gathering because Harrods was full of like-minded shoppers on a mission; nostrils flared and credit cards pointed like a smoking gun, pausing only for nourishment. And what nourishment there was to be had at Pan Chai. On previous occasion I've described their offerings as luxurious Pan-Asian fare for the fast and furious, and it still is, going by their dizzying turnover. But this festive season Pan Chai are bringing to the table a reason to linger - their gorgeous and decadent CHRISTMAS PLATTER.


I whetted my appetite, as one does, with an old favourite the BANZAI platter (lobster tempura, avocado, asparagus, spicy mayonnaise topped with orange and black caviar, unagi sauce) and the SNOW CRAB SALAD (shredded snow crab with avocado, caviar and seaweed salad). 



Selection of 6 pieces sashimi (salmon, fatty tuna, yellow tail) 

Selection of 6 pieces nigiri (tuna, salmon, yellow tail) 

Whole grilled live Canadian lobster with Korean spicy sauce or
 Japanese teriyaki sauce topped with gold leaf 

Alaskan King Crab leg with spicy chilli sauce 

 Skewered yaki scallops with sweetened soy sauce 

A bowl of edamame, delicately steamed and salted, served as a palate cleanser for the CHRISTMAS PLATTER; a cornucopia of delights whose stand-out attractions were the whole GRILLED CANADIAN LOBSTER with Japanese teriyaki sauce topped with gold leaf and the ALASKAN KING CRAB LEG with spicy chilli sauce. As decadent as the crustacean dishes were - as excessive as lobster brushed with gold may seem, in our gilded surroundings of Harrods Food Hall it made perfect sense - the rest of the Christmas Platter was no less rewarding. The SASHIMI selection of SALMON, FATTY TUNA, and YELLOW TAIL was predictably fresh, and YAKI SCALLOPS SKEWERED WITH ASPARAGUS, while deceptively informal-looking, enjoyed the same precision of its more elaborate companions. 

The CHRISTMAS PLATTER is brilliant in its seemingly simple presentation; one begins from the bottom left and eats anti-clockwise - beginning with delicate sashimi then progressing to more complex, intense flavours before ending with rich lobster. Although it was the penultimate dish that made the greatest impression on me; the spicy chilli sauce, so perfectly imbued into the Alaskan King Crab legs reminded me of the similar flavour palate of my maternal grandmother's top secret chilli crab sauce.

All in all; the Christmas Platter is a stunning seasonal addition to Pan Chai's already excellent menu, sure to impress even the most time-starved of shoppers-diners into slowing down. Catch it while you can at Harrods.

*I was invited to review Pan Chai and the meal was complimentary.
December 21, 2016

Christmas Menu at Pan Chai, Harrods

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