Last Thursday The Peak threw an intimate dinner party, one of many in their CEO Dinner Series.The Peak is Malaysia’s leading corporate lifestyle publication; I’ve seen many an issue of it strategically arranged on the landing table in the hallway of many a home. Haha, we get it, you have good taste and like the finer things in life. Myself, I always sneak a peek at Peak (haha) whenever I feel like playing ‘let’s pretend I’m a high-flying child-prodigy turned socially-awkward accidental corporate mogul’. Basically every time I want to feel like Nolan Ross.


Anyway, the CEO Dinner Series is for friends of The Peak to socialize & network in a more personal level, over dinner. Good food, good wine, a group of select few in someone’s gracious home, and privacy. Certainly sets the tone for an evening of incendiary & intimate conversation that follows after several bottles of champagne, yet the guests are safe in knowing that the words never leave the table *wink wink*.

This time round Benjamin Yong was kind enough to open the doors to his home and host the dinner. I’m a huge fangirl of his food franchise; you can be sure to find me in B.I.G every weekend buying baking ingredients, or having meetings at Plan B.


Just doing the weekly shop at Ben’s Independent Grocer. Halloween edition. I’ve blogged about B.I.G before, here.

We stepped into Ben’s home, a sophisticated city apartment in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and were greeted by the scent of Baies candles by Diptyque.


L1070749 L1070926 L1070754

And lots of Bs. B is for Ben is for bright is for brilliant is for big is for…?

L1070769 L1070740

Pimm’s at the ready. Well I guess it’s always summer in K.L, and if the cocktail fits, drink it.


L1070784 L1070757


A view of the Twin Towers…well just the one.


We sipped champagne and nibbled on hor d’oeuvres of venison tartare and oyster Bloody Mary shots to whet our appetites.

L1070770 L1070781

We sat down to a cozy dinner party, a table laid for 12.

L1070741 L1070745L1070791 L1070788 L1070878

I may have taken the ‘intimate dinner party’ concept too far and underdressed. While the ladies were looking stunning in killer heels and jewellery; I stayed true to my ‘geeky pixel-pushing’ roots and kept it simple in jeans, loafers, and the cleanest shirt I could find.

My date was mummy dearest; who I thought I would have to cling on to dear life like a safety jacket in the middle of a sea. All the guests were the brilliant entrepreneur and clever corporate types who could sell fire in hell, whereas I belong to the ‘postmodern-irony faux savant artist’ tribe. But no, we all got along splendidly and had plenty to talk about.


Mummy and Selina.


Selina and Ming sharing a joke.


Elizabeth, founder of Bower Haus and Sherin, founder of Red Ribbon Days.



Hubert Hoi, Elizabeth, and Ken Lim


With Sherin…LOVED her earrings.

L1070813 L1070795

L1070934 L1070837 L1070766

The staff hard at work in Ben’s amazing kitchen. I had some serious kitchen envy going on.


The chef Marshad explained each and every course to us.


For our first starter we had sunchoke soup with pickled radish.

L1070797 L1070799 L1070800

Followed by a second starter of pan seared foie gras with spiced brioche crumble and plums drenched in a sweet port wine jus.

L1070820 L1070817L1070858L1070853

Time for our mains, a course of fish and a course of beef.


First; Seabass, chestnut, filo pastry, and gnocchi. Paired with Saint Clair Malborough Gruner Veltner. I don’t drink wine because I’m allergic, so I couldn’t tell you how well the white complimented the fish. *sad*

The fish was delicious and beautifully cooked though. I ate every bite, and I’m someone who doesn’t like the taste of cooked fish.

L1070829 L1070828

Our second main course, master kobe sirloin with green peppercorn jus, cauliflower, green peas, and mint. The accompanying wine was Nicolas Catena Zapata Malbec.

L1070865 L1070863 L1070866

Oh my days the meat was so juicy and perfectly tender, I’m actually leaning toward my Macbook screen and trying to lick the pictures. It’s 3:35 in the morning and I’ve got my usual late night urges to snack.. I really shouldn’t be blogging about food.

L1070808 L1070902 L1070827 L1070832 L1070876 L1070868

Benjamin and Wei Hsiang.

L1070898 L1070897

Kenneth and I, we had a most insightful discussion about trends, or rather, bucking them. Steadfast and sustainable wins the race.

Our cheese dish, with mushroom and barley.



We cleansed our palates with champagne sorbet and more glasses of ice-cold Dom Perignon.

L1070938 L1070937


…and somehow managed to find room for pudding AND petit fours.

Passion fruit, chocolate cake, and Nikka Yoichi 12 years.

L1070945 L1070946

By the time the petit fours came out we were groaning…but there’s always room for a dainty chocolate. Or two. Two trays, that is.

L1070951L1070952 L1070956 L1070785

Our gifts; Baies candles from Diptyque and Bower Haus jewellery. Loved the cufflinks as much as the pearl earrings.

Me and the host with the most.


Thank you for having us Ben!

Here’s a token of my appreciation and gratitude; some fine ginger hair extensions. From quality human hair. Human still attached.


“And thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” Isaiah 58:11

October 23, 2012


Last Thursday  The Peak  threw an intimate dinner party, one of many in their CEO Dinner Series .The Peak is Malaysia’s leading corporate l...