In my humble opinion the greatest and most fulfilling thing about being young, healthy, and carefree, is the pursuit of pleasure. To come and go as one pleases, to be ruled by none but one’s own heart, to serve nothing & nobody but one’s own desires. After all…only you are in control of how you feel, and I choose happiness. I cannot comprehend why someone would do nothing about being unhappy and choose to remain so! Unfetter yourselves from the drudgery of worry and ‘what-ifs’. Tired of the scenery? Dreaming of running away? Take a day off work, hop on a plane or the Eurostar, go away for an afternoon…do whatever pleases you. After all in the end we all die.

I gave into fickleness, whimsy, and my fantasies of running away—-even for the briefest of moments—-and did just that. Paris has a legendarily romantic reputation, and is associated with lovers, love, falling in love. But that is not to say it is not a city for the jaded, the resolutely single, or the world-weary. In fact when I am tired of being tired, a visit to Paris renews my spirit, restores my faith in romance and reminds me to believe in happy endings. Also, there is the most minute of chances that I would encounter Vincent Cassel and we’d fall in love…a girl can dream.


V.C in L’appartement (1996). Oh mon bebe I would NEVER hurt you!

So…missing Rue De Rivoli, Rue Saint-Honore and everything in between, I grabbed the largest handbag I could find (my Mulberry Roxanne tote), hastily stuffing it with a clean change of clothes, my toothbrush, passport, credit card and dashed to Paris for a mere night & an afternoon.

And of course I brought my lil’ baby, Lady Butterworth. Or should I say Mademoiselle Butterworth?


Mon petit choux had never been to Paris before so I thought I’d take her for brunch to one of my favourite haunts on Rue de Rivoli, Angelina.


I do not understand why some say that the French are rude, or Parisians snobby and standoffish to ‘outsiders’ ie. non-French speaking foreigners? Everytime I go to Paris the Parisians are always quick to smile, complimentary, sincere and eager to help. Perhaps it helps that I try to endear myself by attempting, apologetically, to speak very poor French. Perhaps my act of sartorial deference ie. always carrying/wearing a French label wins over the ladies. Perhaps they’re just taking the piss and I am oblivious, but either way Paris always treats me with kindness & grace. Certainly nobody ridiculed me for bringing Lady Butterworth everywhere, in fact a few petted her and exclaimed “C‘est mignon!”

L1060061 L1060068 L1060087 L1060067

It was also Diana’s first time in Angelina. Everyone I introduce this gorgeous little bijoux of a tea room to inevitably falls in love with it. Is it the location, within a breath of Rue CambonRue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, a step across the road from the Louvre, a mere skip away from Jardin Du Palais Royal? Is it because it is less hectic than Champs-Élysées but no less charming? Perhaps for their signature L’Africain hot chocolate, or for a glimpse of the ghosts of Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel who were favourite patrons back in the day. Maybe it is as simple as: the food kicks ass. Pardon my French.

L1060031 L1060040 L1060052

Eager Mademoiselle Butterworth is eager. She’s so tiny, she can barely see over the table. Back on my lap, little one.


Diana ordered filet of sea bass with popped rice, comte cheese, mussel, and shells cream. I ordered hand cut beef tartare, naturally. In Paris it is never too early for a smoke or to drink champagne, likewise it is perfectly acceptable to have steak tartare for breakfast. I did say ‘brunch’ early in the blog post; but it was more like 11 in the morning, before the lunchtime crowd.

L1060074 L1060069 L1060071


Diana opined that the mussel looked like “a mermaid’s vagina”. I know I should be repulsed, but there is something deeply erotic, enticing even, about the idea…

L1060085 L1060073

MON DIEU LOOK AT THAT STEAK TARTARE. The meat, the seasoning, the marinate was perfect. The egg yolk, which usually repulses me, was so expertly cooked—-delicate yet solid enough to be moved without spilling forth the yellow liquid within. But when I pierced it with a fork the yolk oozed into a rich puddle onto my plate. Which I promptly lapped up with the french fries.


Lady Butterworth is overexcited by such a beautiful cut of meat and lunges for my steak tartare. No, bad girl! Show some restrain! *spanks*

…but I still love her; greediness and all, and hand feed her french fries like a good mistress should.

L1060079 L1060080


And for pudding, tartelette eva and Saori ie. Japanese cheesecake.



A pudding with edible gold leaf…it’s the little details that make everything come together.

L1060096 L1060101

Moist, sweet, light Japanese cheesecake with strawberry jelly, lime, cream cheese mousse, crunchy lime biscuit, white chocolate shell, AND strawberry marshmallows. On paper it sounds like too much, but in person it is just right.

L1060095 L1060099

The dark chocolate tart was a little too sophisticated for my immature & child-like palate. No doubt the dark chocolate & raspberry ganache would appeal to the more refined. Myself; I just gobbled up the bourbon vanilla & tonka bean creme brulee bits and left the rest to Lady Butterworth.

L1060102 L1060106

The bill arrives…sacré bleu…! And then I remember it is in Euros, not pounds. Phew. As they say in Tesco, “Every Little Helps”.


Quick ciggie break; naturally it had to be Vogues. Diana makes even the baddest of habits look elegant, it comes naturally to her half-French self. Tres chic

L1060119 L1060117

Just enough time for a lil’ shopping trip in the gilded streets of the 1st arrondissement.


As Kanye succinctly raps—-“It’s Gucci my n*gga!”

This made me crease so hard, I HAD to instagram it. Instagram @jasiminne.


How wonderful is shopping for French designers and labels in Paris? Slightly cheaper than if you were to buy the same things in, say, London, or Kuala Lumpur, the savings are even more apparent to the non-British/non EU residents who are entitled to VAT-free shopping. Sadly I renounced my rights to getting those discounts when I decided to try my luck at putting down roots in London. Merde! But still; even saving a few hundred euros at Chanel, Hermes, LV etc is still enough to send a lil’ thrill running through my being. I can’t help it, I love a bargain, it’s my instinct for self-preservation. Or less politely, it’s my Chinese inherence for a good discount.

Sadly both Hermes and CHANEL didn’t have the accessories and bag I wanted, and I’d be damned if I paid a little more for it elsewhere. So no collier de chien or Westminster lambskin classic bag for me. What can I say, I’m cheap.

I consoled myself with a lil’ treat from Pierre Herme…

L1060115 L1060114 L1060111

…and picked up some trinkets from Colette…

L1060121 L1060123 L1060201

Ange lapin (angel bunny) keychain, 12 flavours of Pierre Herme macarons (some of which I promptly devoured even before I left the shop), and a scented candle by Byredo.

L1060215 L1060202 L1060206 L1060213

Phantom flower is so phantom-like that I could barely smell anything. Oh no, oh dear. But the macarons were much more rich in flavour. Just enough to prolong the magic of the loveliest, and briefest of afternoons in a city most beautiful.

L1060147 L1060207 L1060208 L1060209

Whenever I can’t go to Paris I bring Paris to me…I listen to Charles Trenet, watch The Dreamers or L‘appartement, open a bottle of Perrier-Jouet, eat little cakes & pastries…in other words, allow my imagination to take me to places I want to go. Never complain about my circumstances, and certainly never allow them to hold me back. Flights of fancy gives me wings.

Isn’t that, essentially, the point of romance?


ps. I’m spending my weekend snuggled up with Flaubert…


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August 05, 2012


In my humble opinion the greatest and most fulfilling thing about being young, healthy, and carefree, is the pursuit of pleasure. To come a...