Future Music Festival Asia Pt. 2 ; Getting my act together

I can hardly contain my excitement for Future Music Festival Asia 2013...!

So much so that I've already started raving in cabs, in Bangkok! To be fair, our driver must've been somewhat a party animal himself; why else would he be blasting club hits, whooping along with us to Pitbull, have mad cool eyebrow piercings to rival his cab's accessories---modified & decked out like a disco spaceship...? The party mode is strong with this one!

Made it back to K.L from Bangkok just a few hours ago (it's 4 in the morning now, I've been on my feet all day with no sleep and I have to be at a Jaegar LeCoultre lunch thing in less than 7 hours...and then some. Help)  with not a day to spare because FMFA starts tonight! Well...tomorrow for me.

Instead of going to bed like any sane person would, I've been geeking out at FMFA's website over their design, posters, & graphics. Loving the Mexican and Day Of The Dead theme throughout. But by the end of the weekend it will be more like day of the walking dead. Hahahaha. 

The line up...!

Day 1, Friday 15th March---

Day 2, Saturday 16th March---

I'll be going on Day 2, as most of my friends are. Michiekins & I were trying to count our friends who will be joining us in VIP and we both ran out of fingers. I can't wait to disco bounce all over everyone, I'm so excited I'm squirming like a live worm in a bottle of tequila...!

I'm going early for the Lapsap pool party and the ferris wheel! The view at sunset from the top of the wheel will be incredible.

Loving the JUICE Diabolically Big Guide to FMFA ’13THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK TO SURVIVING FMFA ‘13 is only the most relevant, informative, and comprehensive guide to be reading right now.

For the true procrastinator, tickets are still available at TicketPro, AirAsiaRedTix, and any Rock Corner outlets and all Victoria Music Centre Outlets. Just don't be a fool and buy them from touts or other unsavoury characters. Do you really want the off-chance of parting with your money for a cleverly forged piece of card with silver foil printed from a photocopy-machine, standing & blinking stupidly at the gates when security denies your fake fool butt while the smart happy ravers stampede past you to the party you've just paid to not go to? Yeah.

Line up sorted, passes sorted, there's really only one more pressing matter at hand...what do I wear?!

I try to refrain from the more superficial weaknesses of my gender, but really...I'm just like the rest of you soft-lipped sissies. I care about what I wear and it's true, it makes my X chromosomes all angry & weepy when I don't get my threads right.

I rather like the look of the FMFA x Pestle & Mortar collaboration tee...

...What about this official FMFA tee to change into after the night's raving leaves one a hot, sweaty mess? With a quick trip to the merchandise booth and for only RM70 all your shameful party secrets can be concealed with fresh, new, threads. Oh to be given a chance at redemption...!

SARTORIAL CONUNDRUM; what to wear to FMFA '13 ?


Sci-fi meets pastel goth meets Lana Del Rey meets bad acid trip.


OPTION 2 : DISCO BERUANG (Disco bear)*

*don't ask.

Really an excuse to wear my new Jeffrey Campbells, and to indulge my recent numerology reading that green is my lucky colour.

What will it be? Answers on a postcard.


March 15, 2013

Future Music Festival Asia Pt. 2 ; Getting my act together

I can hardly contain my excitement for Future Music Festival Asia 2013 ...! So much so that I've already started raving in cab...

Topshop Topman SS'13 pool party

One of the things I like (and also dislike) about Kuala Lumpur is that it's summer all-year round. Living in tropical climes may sound like paradise to the sun-deprived, but in reality it's less summer break and more drop-dead from dehydration. On the plus side, most residences have swimming pools that are always clean & ready (I carry a bikini in my handbag just in case) AND fashion labels get to throw pool parties on rooftop bars all year round. Which is just what Topshop Topman Malaysia did, last Saturday, at Luna Bar

"I ♥ Summer"? That's a lie, every Malaysian moans about the heat. *raises eyebrow*

Rooftop pools are a dime a dozen in Kuala Lumpur, but Luna bar has a special place in my heart because it takes me back to the days of high school & college. How simple life was back then; tender hearts, existential narcissism, and mocktails. Not to mention back in those days Topshop was as cheap as chips. But then again, Coach handbags were the It bags to have so that was a very, very long time ago.

Pop up store or not, none of us were going to leave the comfort of our table, not even for a spot of shopping. Why would we when we could kick off our Louboutins, have drinks brought to us, lounge by the pool and in the safety of our nook hide from water guns & water balloons?

Our little slice of Luna Bar overlooking K.L city that I lovingly dubbed 'camwhore corner'. Not as awesomely named as our now famous Jalan JaNaMi (inside joke), but you take what you can get.

Nana & Ash

Door gift, Topshop iPhone 5 case.

Great view of Nana's legs and the city.

Let it be known that I actually did wear shorts but had to shed them for fear of being the first to be thrown into the pool. 

Forever 21 blazer //  matching coral nails from Revlon // matching kind-of-coral-but-more-like-red Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse 'grafitti' speedy // Ragged Priest shorts (stashed safely in my goodie bag) // House Of Eight necklace // top knot courtesy of untidy hair I couldn't be bothered to style.

☝ From Nana's Instagram // From Topshop Malaysia's Instagram  

As night fell, we grooved & chilled out to DJ Darren Ashley and DJ Arabyrd, watched the Topshop Topman SS'13 show from across the pool with a view of the Twin Towers illuminating the sky...

...and moonbathed.

Because no self-respecting, demure, fair-skinned Chinese girl goes out in the sun before 7pm. 

But we will pretend to be drunk for photos. 

Eventually people started throwing each other into the pool...

...and riding inflatable sea mammals.

How did she do it?! I could barely climb on.

The call of the water was irressistable to a dugong like me...

...I swam---fine, I cheated and spent half of it floating on my back---from one end of the pool to the other without getting my face wet or makeup smudged. If that isn't talent, I don't know what is.

I also made friends with an orca...

...and then kidnapped her baby.

What shall I call her? Maybe Luna, after Luna Bar?

Luna, you're coming with me to Bangkok. I insist.


March 11, 2013

Topshop Topman SS'13 pool party

One of the things I like (and also dislike) about Kuala Lumpur is that it's summer all-year round. Living in tropical climes may sou...