The best holidays are born from spontaneity or out of necessity, and sometimes even both. The morning after Michiekin's '80s theme birthday party a tired, hungover & very-much-in-need-of-a-holiday me looked up flights to Bangkok but to my dismay found none suitable.* Surrounded by a penthouse full of party rubbish and having overdosed on K.L's finest (who bought 500 chicken wings from Jalan Alor at the crack of dawn?!) the thought of not being able to get away was seriously oppressive. Weighing on my head like that cloud of cigarette smoke that enveloped downstairs like a fog of doom.

Sheena-chan brilliantly suggested we go away to the charmingly sleepy Langkawi island for a bit of pergolekan yang tidak terhingga (non-stop golek-ing)! Luckily, I practically grew up on Berjaya Langkawi Resort as a child, to me it was a holiday home, I could find my way from the hotel lobby through the rainforest to the water chalets if I wanted to. In the dark. 

Bags were packed, and the next day Golek-Unit drove to Penang to rest before heading up to Langkawi for a couple of days.

Anya Hindmarch // YSL // Louis Vuitton

The water chalets I've come to love and to associate with some of the nicest holidays I've had with my family. And had to downgrade to from our rainforest suite because the girls were afraid of; monkeys, lizards, bats, flying lemurs, and ghosts. MALAY GHOSTS. "Langkawi is part of Kedah, it's predominately Malay, so the ghosts are Malay ghosts! Pontianak on your balcony! Penunggu tapping on your window! Lang suirs in the jacuzzi!"


Why are my friends such ding dongs... 

On the border between the rainforest and the sea...we were living on the edge. *awkward laughter* *silence*

Michiekins getting some work done on our balcony.

Lunch at the beach restaurant, not too overpriced given that it's a hotel restaurant, and actually very tasty. I'm craving my spicy Indian lamb with garlic mash and mango cucumber salad right now... 

...Michiekin's prawn avocado salad and in the background, Sheena-chan's yummy but not very photogenic spaghetti carbonara. Who goes to the beach to eat creamy pasta?! I have weird friends.

Travelling and eating can take a lot out of a person. The only remedy is to hit up the pool...

...overlooking the rainforest mountains and beaches of Langkawi...

Double YSL, faux and real

...with an ice-cold cocktail and a view of the mountains...

...dressed as a frog.

Call me Keropi-chan. 

MENYAMAR KATAK hahahha. I did Shin-chan proud.

Chlorine loving frog.

The evening wound down with sunset watching on our chalet balcony...

..and curled up in bed, watching Cartoon Network, snacking on instant noodles, biscuits, dodol, and dried sugared cuttlefish. 

There was also a great 20 minute struggle to make Sheena-chan call hotel staff to pick us up and take us to buy midnight. 

"Sheenaaaa please please go with meeee" *whines*
(Michelle is asleep)
"Fine. Call the shuttle."
*silence* "Can you go and I'll stay here?"
"NO! JANGAN MENGADA! (Enough stupid ideas)"
*tries to make it an adventure* "Let's go walking in the forest! Look, I found a torchlight!" (grabs torchlight on bedside table)
(Michelle wakes up) "Don't gooooo don't leave me with the monkeys and bats and ghosts" (goes back to sleep)
(Sheena sighs and calls reception) "Is the hotel shop open? It is?" (I jump out of bed) "Oh it's not? Too bad."
"Let's go for a walk anyway! :D"

*update* Sheena-chan would like to clarify that the ice-cream debacle lasted not 20, but 45 minutes.

We ended up falling asleep to the sound of splashing waves, Michiekin's snoring, and my ice-cream-deprived stomach's grumbling.


*Despite Langkawi being my consolation prize for not going to Bangkok, I ended up postponing my flight to London and the very next day nabbed flights to Bangkok AND the hotel I wanted! It's happening after all. This is what happens when you practise The Secret and use positive affirmations, everything you want the universe will find a way to deliver. 

February 26, 2013


The best holidays are born from spontaneity or out of necessity, and sometimes even both. The morning after Michiekin's '80s theme...


Pardon my absence, internet world, for in the past week I've been travelling---across seas, across land, and also across time. 

In honour of Michiekin's birthday, we eighties babies wound the clock back to the decade where it all began. 
Big hair. Clashing neon. Disco pants. Lace fingerless gloves. 
We danced to our favourite hits from the '80s; a-ha, Dead or Alive, Starship, Madonna, Duran Duran, heck even tribute music like the Party Monster soundtrack and Acceptable in the '80s
Just because not all of us were born in the '80s nor could we remember them didn't stop us from enjoying the party, my favourite thing to do was to call the bluff on the late '80s babies who exclaimed "Oh I remember when this song came out!" with "Ha! You weren't even born yet!"
Yes I made a point to remember the year of release of every single song on the playlist AND check it against everyone's birthday. Yes I have a brilliant memory that I waste on pointless endeavours. Haha.

I wore American Apparel disco pant x LV studded belt x my mother's gold chain belts from the '80s x finger & arm candy from House Of Eight and Forever 21

I lent one of the company penthouses to the cause. Now that we're older (25 going on 45, anyone?) we're somewhat 'over' throwing parties in nightclubs. Who wants to bump uglies with strangers in crowded places and have undesirables & unwanted guests show up uninvited? House parties are so much more intimate and much less stressful.

Some before shots; the penthouse before we turned it upside down---

So far, so serene.

Then the guests started pouring in and the '80s kicked in...

I made those graphics for Michiekins, inspired by lovingly ripped off from the ads for The Carrie Diaries.

Everyone born from 1980 to 1989 (and beyond!) boogied to a playlist of '80s music videos projected on a wall. The disco wall!

There was a Girls vs. Boys dance off that ended in spectacular victory for the men when they sent these three soldiers out in the final round for a breakdance---

Killed it!

We played musical chairs.

After the initial first few hours of '80s themed madness, the party wound down into a more mellow but just as happy mood. Mostly the older crowd toasting, drinking, and playing poker while the younger 'uns were burnt out from jumping on couches and busting dance moves!

Chilled out.

But not before the birthday girl's special moment...!


The story of Michiekin's birthday present. So the very same day, after we checked into the penthouse, a bunch of us left Michiekins behind, alone, while we shopped nearby at Pavillion for her birthday present. The idea was to chip in for something special for Michiekins, with her giving constant feedback on Whatsapp. Mengada betul perempuan ini! "How about this baby blue YSL clutch?" "No." "How about this Tiffany bracelet?" "Too chunky." "This one?" "Too fine." It's like the luxury gift version of Goldilocks And The Three Bears---"This Birkin is toooo smaaall!"

By sheer luck Hermes had the very bracelet Michiekins wanted; the Kelly Double Twirl in orange leather that was sold out last she checked. 

We bought it and lied to her ---
"Sorry! We had to get you the chunky Tiffany bracelet because there was nothing else."
M *sad resigned voice* "Thank you guys!"
"You can always exchange it, we kept the receipt!"
M "Of course I won't! I know I'll love it!" *trying to conceal her disappointment

We wanted to take it a step further and say that we bought her something from Poh Kong complete with chinky red Poh Kong paper bag hahahaha but she wouldn't have bought such an extreme lie. We are such terrible friends, with people like us who needs frenemies?

She was more than delighted when her present from 'Tiffany's' turned out to be the very bracelet she'd wanted for a long time. "Thank you guys! I wanted this last year." *cues stony expressions* "Oh! Sorry! I meant I've been wanting this since last year!" *cues applause and cheer*

The rest of the night slowly trickled into the '90s, with Gangsta's Paradise leading the way. Oh! I miss my baby Coolio. It's my dream to teach him to dance along while I rap an improv version 'Hamsta's Paradise'.

The last of the party shuffled out by the crack of dawn while the last ones standing were left behind in the time warp. The next morning, Cavin in a stroke of brilliance snuck downstairs and restarted the music so that everybody would wake up to the sound of the '80s.

We also woke up to this; a shadow of the penthouse's formerly pristine self...

Last ones standing; Blue Cat and Green Frog (or is it Grey Dugong?). 

Golek-Unit were so exhausted from all the time travelling that we booked a beach holiday to Langkawi and left for white sands, clear water, and private beaches by the rainforest just two days later...!

Some thoughts; you know you're officially old when your best friend announces an '80s themed birthday party and you think to yourself "But wasn't the 80s just 10 years ago?". How will we feel when we have a '90s, or worse, '00s themed party?! You know you're no spring chicken when the decade of your formative years is now in fashion, or worse, ironic. It's funny because I love irony.

Still, a great thing about being older is realizing that simple, laid back house parties are the way to go. I can't wait to throw my birthday party in August! I'm going to get one of the bigger penthouses and go all out with the theme. More back-in-time shenanigans to be expected.

February 23, 2013


Pardon my absence, internet world, for in the past week I've been travelling---across seas, across land, and also across time.  ...