Up till when I finished high school I never had a chance to explore my personal style. The hours of my days were spent either at school where the uniforms were strictly enforced down to the colour of the ribbons the girls wore in their hair (black or blue, no patterns) or spent at home teaching myself how to draw, dressed simply in oversized tees & baggy shorts that allowed me to move freely as I copied page after page of my favourite mangas. What need would a morbidly introverted, gauche teenager interested only in books & art have for fashion, the latest high-street trends, or makeup? That’s not to say I didn’t indulge myself in anyway, no, I did. With stationery. While girls my age were getting their bellies pierced in malls and shopping for low-rise jeans I was expressing my personal style by colour-coordinating the contents of my pencil case. Everything from the erasers to my pens to the post-it notes to my sickly plastic-scented folders were the exact shade of baby blue. Nerd alert! And I don’t mean it in a ‘fishing for compliments’ way like how some girls put on a pair of lensless glasses, camwhore, and #geek. I mean it in a “I sourced a 0.05mm COPIC drawing pen from Japan, yeah that’s right, what are you gonna do about it?” way.

I’m now a little older, marginally less socially-awkward, and slightly better-dressed. But I’ll still always have a strange little hard-on for stationery that’s more stylish than I am.

Enter Delfonic’s “Quitterie C’est Mon Trésor” vinyl clutch.

IMG_0191 IMG_0135

What is it about Japanese design that makes makes other stationery seem superfluous and almost vulgar?! Nobody does minimalism better than the Japanese.

“Precise, refined, elegant. Delfonics stationery is considered to be one of Japan’s most respected stationers. Like many aspects of Japanese culture, Delfonics products show an unparalleled attention to detail, with seemingly small features that combine to make a distinguished object that realises maximum functionality and is pure in its effectiveness.”

I can’t decide which I love better, using it as a clutch, pared down to the bare essentials…


…or as an actual pencil case and to hold my sketchbook?

IMG_0146 IMG_0147

Either way it’s stunning in it’s simplicity. The texture of the vinyl is so refined and so soft to the touch that it holds it’s own even in the presence of real leather…!


The challenge of good design is to take away as much as possible, whittle it away to the bare minimum, and yet retain maximum functionality. Like the iPhone. Keep it simple, stupid.

I’m more than happy to let my Delfonics clutch do all the talking. Here come my all-black, completely-interchangeable-and-indistinguishable clothes again. I’ve no need to bother with my dress sense now that I’ve found the stationery slash style statement of my dreams.

C’est Mon Trésor’-—This is my treasure—-indeed.

October 15, 2012


Up till when I finished high school I never had a chance to explore my personal style. The hours of my days were spent either at school whe...


On Saturday, I got back from Penang island [here] and [here], washed the sand out of my hair, put on more clothes, and made an attempt at a somewhat presentable face to go to the Malaysia Tatler 23rd Anniversary Ball.


Bracelet, earrings, & choker from Shoes Shoes Shoes [ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar], Dior ‘Night diamond’ dust, MAC Russian Red.


My date was mummy dearest. Just mother & daughter having a fun little night out together.


We got to the Shangri-La Hotel where we mingled and chatted with friends, acquaintances, strangers, and frenemies  other people. I also learnt the hard way that dusting illuminating powder on your t-zone is not the way to go, especially when surrounded by photographers with high-powered flash that make shine look like sweat.

Why am I even talking about t-zones and powder? There’s my bimbo moment for the week.

L1070549 L1070546 L1070545 L1070547

My dress is from Elie Saab [here] and [here], Bulgari handbag, unseen shoes are Carvela. Mum’s wearing Van Cleef & Arpels and YSL.

We were ushered into the grand ballroom for our evening of entertainment, dinner, and the Tatler awards.

L1070544 L1070473 L1070512 L1070451 L1070460 L1070469 L1070456 L1070502 L1070463 L1070503


I enjoyed the menu; the dishes’ descriptive names were a marriage of poetry and gastronomy. Just the right kind of whimsy that I love, after all who wants to live in the real world and eat ‘chocolate expresso cake, praline ice-cream, & apricot doughnuts’ when you can “Go Nuts With Coco Coco Coco”? Escapism and fantasy; these two are the saviours of the bored.



Ice-cold champagne to tickle the throat.

L1070466L1070478L1070483 L1070484 L1070461 L1070518

We started with “Seafood Salsa from South of the Border”. Scallop and tiger prawn ceviche, edamame, and lobster.

L1070498 L1070495 L1070496

Light, salty taste of the sea with a tangy squeeze of lime juice.

Next; “Empress Dowager’s Winter Melon Soup”. Double-boiled plum tomato consomme with braised winter melon and enoki mushroom. I grew up eating this, and have come to associate the herbal scent & flavours with being ill…so I passed.


We cleansed our palates with “White Clouds Below The Horizon”, a pumpkin sorbet with snow fungus.

L1070513 L1070516

And washed it down with another glass of cold champagne.


The mains arrived; I asked for ‘beef’ on the invite (well…I asked for beef, fish, and vegetarian because I’m childish and thrive on the confusion of others) and got veal. Who’s confused now?

“Mystique Sensation from The Land Of Shangri-La”. Veal fillet filled with morel mushrooms and ragout in taro (yam) puff.


I enjoyed the unexpected combination of deep-fried yam puff, creamy mash (almost mousse-like in it’s lightness & texture), and veal with the tiniest, daintiest, mushrooms.

L1070521 L1070523

Everybody took a break from dinner and took to the dance floor to wiggle around and work up an appetite for desserts.

We jammed to classic rock, classic pop, and the right kind of upbeat and nostalgic feel-good cheesiness.


I upped the cheese factor by breaking out in the Gangnam Style dance moves “One, two, three, four, soft hands, bounce like you’re on an invisible horse” and even got a few people to join in. I may have been caught on video dancing like a fool, I pray that footage never sees the light of day. ‘Dress classy, dance cheesy’, that’s what he said.

Got back to the table to find gifts from Lancome waiting.


Followed by the Tatler awards; cute little titles like ‘Best dinner companion’, ‘Most stylish couple’ to more meritable things like ‘Outstanding In Their Field’ ‘Most Compassionate’ and ‘Entrepeneur Of The Year’. I wasn’t paying attention to the exact names, I was more interested in the speeches.

There were funny speeches, speeches that were unfunny because of how seriously the speech-taker took themselves, speeches that were concise and witty, speeches that went on too long. I listened carefully to all of them, good and bad, to help me pick up on what makes and breaks a speech. Everything is an opportunity to learn something; I tell myself that and it’s a great way to distract from being bored.

All that observation was swiftly followed by pudding. “Go Nuts With Coco Coco Coco”, a quartet of swiss chocolate expresso cake, macadamia nut praline ice cream, jasmine tea chocolate drink, and apricot doughnut.

L1070542 L1070539 L1070538 L1070541

It was all rather nice but by then I was fit to burst. I skipped the mignardises , declined coffee, even said no to the Hennessy X.O and slipped out of the ballroom just before the clock struck midnight. This Cinderella won’t be turning into a pumpkin thank you very much.

But I stayed long enough just to get a souvenir; a little snapshot at the photobooth.



✝ He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding shall find good ✝ Proverbs 19:8
October 08, 2012


On Saturday, I got back from Penang island [here] and [here] , washed the sand out of my hair, put on more clothes, and made an attempt at...