Hooooh mai god. Hoooooh mai god.

Marcus & Michelle's big day finally arrived!

What a contradiction; on one hand it felt like it happened so quickly, like the days fast-forwarded into a huge blur before BAM suddenly arriving at the official wedding dinner and ceremony. On the other hand it felt like we had been waiting all our lives for this to happen!

Looking back, it was incredible how all three of M&M's weddings brought everyone together. I had never seen such a display of unity, support, and love! It's probably because they're so popular & well-loved. Their nuptials brought everyone so much joy, everyone was so high on the happiness that now we're all suffering the post-wedding blues.


The afternoon before the actual day, Sukins (wedding planner-organiser-slave driver extraordinaire) and I head over to the venue of the wedding dinner, Ciao Restaurante, to supervise the set up...   

...and also to handle all the little details that you just can't trust anyone else to do! Sukins had the brilliant idea of hiding M&M's big red box for collecting angpaus and instead replacing it with bird cages. I whiled away the afternoon weaving white roses onto the bird cages... 

...while the ladyboss, Sukins, shows us exactly why she was born to give orders.

Just look at her 'I'm surveying my minions and looking cool at the same time' look! Effortless. #likeaboss

We spent the rest of the night tying bouquets and arranging flowers till the crack of dawn.

10.11.12 aka 10th November 2012, PJ Luther Centre

After about two or three hours of sleep, I woke up while it was still dark, put on my bridesmaid dress, and made my way to the church for the ceremony.

The darkness quickly gave way to bright sun & sweltering heat. The ceremony took place on a roof garden with no protection from the glaring tropical sun, all we had to keep cool were a few giant fans. But despite the overwhelming heat everyone braved on, makeup stayed put, and the ceremony went smoothly.

I'm wearing Kiss Me false lashes (Baby and Pure), tiffany blue convertible maxi dress, friendship bracelets from On A Cloudy Day (Telawi 3, Bangsar) and House Of Eight (Publika), and Miu Miu clutch.

Bridesmaids, assemble...!

Uncle Jagger arrives to give Michiekins away. We walked down the aisle to Ave Maria...

...ahahahaha my solemn expression in the photo above. I think I was trying very hard not to giggle, or cry, or fall over, so I overcompensated with that somber face.

Just LOOK at that train...! Nobody does a wedding gown like Vera Wang.

OMG my best friend is actually married...! Even to this day (the wedding was over a month ago) it still hasn't sank in that M&M are husband & wife...and I was THERE when he proposed to her, heck I helped keep it a surprise! I guess I've known her so long and have gotten so used to them practically living like a married couple that to me, the wedding(s) was just another celebration of their life. Does that make sense? I mean, I don't feel like anything has changed. Just made 'official' in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the law. I'm still mad happy for them though! I'm pushing them to renew their vows annually so that we can have month-long celebrations every year!

The tossing of the bouquet...!


We had a few hours to kill before the church ceremony and the wedding dinner, so I left to check on my wedding gift to Marcus & Michelle...

...a penthouse suite in Times Square for the wedding afterparty.

The very aptly titled Empress Suite. Bahahahaha panggil saya maharani.

I let my hair down, changed out of my bridesmaid uniform, and surveyed the penthouse...

The dining room.

The living room.

Mine and Sukins bedroom. She didn't stay in the end so Sheena-chan bunked with me and left David alone in the other bedroom. Apparently he was heard to be whining "I'm all aloooone someone come crash with me!" LOL.

The master bedroom, where Marcus & Michelle would be spending their first night as man & wife. I opened the double doors to their room and walked down a hallway leading to their bedroom...

...to the right, the dressing room, walk-in-wardrobe area, and bathroom...

...to the left, the jacuzzi with a stunning view of K.L city from the 45th floor...

叫我 Water Buddha.

The jacuzzi overlooks the sleeping area...

...I loved the layout of the master bedroom, and hopefully M&M will too!

I hastily plucked all the petals off the red roses from flower arrangements throughout the penthouse and rearranged them to form a heart shape on M&M's bed.

Having overworked myself I took a well-deserved nap with my makeup on and woke up with only one side of my bottom false lashes hanging off my face. Skilled.

Made my way to the wedding dinner, again in my bridesmaid dress, and with a change of evening dress for after. I'd been saving my House Of Eight spiked clutch for this very occassion!

Sukins completely transformed Ciao Restaurant.

...that addition above was mine, haha.

It was as though Sukins reached into Michiekin's brain, plucked out her dream wedding, and made it real. Everything was romantic, hues of white gently illuminated by warm candlelight, twinkling curtains of white fairy lights, accented by bouquets of white roses and the occasional Tiffany Blue detail. 

Halfway through dinner and after the cutting off the cake, the girls change into their evening dresses.

I wore Aqua Couture, Michiekins wore Vera Wang (again!) and Sukins wore...um...I don't remember. But I remember it was very very very bright, neon pink, and threatened to blind us all.

My mama bear & papa bear.

First dance...!

One of the many, many toasts throughout the night...!

Sukins and I gave a great speech. By that I mean I gave a great speech, she punctuated with a joke here or there but mostly she stood there flashing her pearly whites. My speech was amazing, if I may say so myself---just enough cringy details to embarrass the bride, just enough self-praise to big up me and Sukins, and so much love & blessings to the happy couple.

Oh my god, I brought up Michiekins' Roxy jeans, Guess handbags, and other cringe-worthy anecdotes from our friendship...when it's HER turn to give a speech at MY wedding...her stories about me are going to a hundred times more scandalous and embarrassing. Confirm die la

Please give me face, friends! Stick to the approved dialogue! Or I will be banned from, like, a few countries in the EU/excommunicated from church/exiled from planet Earth/lose all my points for the afterlife etc. hahahahaha. 

Out of respect for our elders and parents present, everyone behaved properly and kept it conservative.

The moment anyone over 35 left (about 11pm) EVERYONE whipped off their ties, started pouring drinks like it was going out of fashion, and started smoking for the first time all night. You could hear sighs of relief all over as everyone tore into their first cigarette of the night! Even though we're all adults and independent, we still defer to our parents out of respect and filial piety. Cannot smoke/play drinking games/act rowdy in front of 妈妈和爸爸 la. Must act 乖乖. It's an Asian thing...!

Doing my version of the Angelina Jolie leg meme.

The inevitable Gangnam Style dance...!

At about 1 in the morning we drained all the champagne and moved everyone back to the penthouse. AFTERPARTY!

Marcus & Michelle loved the penthouse, and their bedroom...! 

We let our hair down to congratulate the happy couple, and to congratulate ourselves for a smooth journey throughout stag/hen night and for surviving three weddings. We've come so far, guys!

I'm such a good friend. I let everyone have the warm, plush, fluffy bathrobes---let's face it, that is the BEST part of an after party!---and went without.

Marcus rapping Gangsta's Paradise, which he's surprisingly good at. But only when he's drunk. Party trick!

Playing 'tractor'.

Sheena-chan doing the worm!

The catalyst for our homage to G-Unit...'GOLEK-UNIT'.

We had a golek-ing (rolling) competition and golek-ed from one end of the penthouse to the other. That's how we roll! Golek so hard motherflippers wan find me. Bergolek in the deep. They see me rollin', they hatin'. Just roll with it! Insert rolling puns here. 

Nothing is more welcome than room service at 4am after a whole day of drinking & celebrating! Some genius ordered, like, 150, ONE HUNDRED AND FRIGGIN' FIFTY chicken wings. Or was it 50? Well, it looked like 150!

By this point Michiekins had gone to bed and left the rest of us to party on.

No bride should have to sleep alone on her wedding night, so we prepared Marcus for 'The Seducing Of The Bride'. Three roses in his teeth. A bouquet of flowers. Arabian Nights blaring in the background. We helped him up the stairs...

...and wobbling, made his way to the bed, wiggling the flowers round & round in the air...

...while singing along to Arabian Nights.


Just look at Michiekin's face OMG I can't stop laughing.

The next day we woke up to carnage.

Bottles of Dom, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Johnnie Walker, beer, water, and corpses of cigarette butts and last night's 4am supper strewn everywhere. Oh, and limp, dishevelled, dying flowers in every nook & cranny. I found rose petals in places where you should never find rose petals. It was almost Bacchanalian...almost.

"Lady Butterworth, everything the light touches is our kingdom." "What's that shadowy place over there?" "That is Pudu, Lady Butterworth. You must never go there."

Nasi lemak, nasi goreng, and calamari at 3pm. The breakfast of champions!

We tucked into yet more food, relived our favourite moments of M&M's three weddings, laughed & cried, and felt sad that it was all over.

Before we left we scattered rose petals all over K.L city, to remind ourselves one last time of the magic & romance we felt the past few weeks!

Today's weather, clear with a slight chance of roses.

What an insane, exciting, deliriously happy few weeks! I feel so blessed that I witnessed the whole thing, and was even involved in the proposal and the events leading up to the weddings.

Congratulations M&M! I love you guys. Now please go renew your vows after Chinese New Year so we have another excuse to party!


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December 21, 2012


Hooooh mai god. Hoooooh mai god. Marcus & Michelle's big day finally arrived! What a contradiction; on one hand it felt li...