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August 25, 2017
Life, lately: Why I took a break from blogging and a look at my new London home



Oh the chills, oh the feels. Have you ever stepped into an long-abandoned house, into the single spot of sunlight streaming from a hole in the rafters onto the murky floor of the dim room, watching the dust particles dance and twinkle in the light as you felt the ghosts and the memories once made in this now-deserted, once-cherished space? That's how I feel right now, the goose flesh on my arms rising as I brush past the cobwebs of what is my 'internet home' - my blog and social media that I had abandoned for nearly 2 months, which in 'human years' might as well be an eternity. 

Would it be forgivable to explain my web absence (web-sence?) by way of moving into a new offline home? You may have seen on Instagram Stories and Twitter, that after years of watching steel and glass grow from the barren land around the derelict Battersea Power Station, I had recently taken completion of my new London apartment. Finally! After 7 colourful years in East London*, I had come full circle from my first UK address in South Kensington - I'm now back in SW London, in a postcode that reflects my current stage in life. The excitement of a shiny new place quickly gave way of a whole new level of stress I hadn't experienced since I was 24 (oh, and my 31st birthday just came and went without incident - hurrah!): of selling a property, taking possession of a new one, moving, decorating, and handling all the dozens of little snafus along the way. I spent all of July and August** dealing with bureaucratic bullsh*t, or as I like to call it 'red tape rekt'. I couldn't find the time to blog or update Instagram even if I wanted to, but then again, at the time I didn't want to. Allow me to explain... 

*It was terribly bittersweet to say goodbye to my very first flat, and yes I did cry. 
**Ironically, just as the sawdust has started to settle on my new, grown-up London home, I might well have to make another home in another city - by being an expat in my home country. Oh the hilarity.


Beautiful but banal: why I took a break from blogging and social media

To be honest, the blogosphere of late has become a circle jerk of mediocrity; of Instagram pods, bot buying (and denying), contrived interactions (Insert generic comment or exclamation: “Cool/great post/awesome!” followed by self-promotion), basket purses, and the same restaurants being reviewed en masse. I felt like the blogosphere, or at least some of my feed, was drowning in a samey-samey sea of disingenuity and freebies. All the repetition felt like the steps of a tired old dance, one that I was all too happy to step away and put my feet up from.  

I will admit that the siren song of the shill (thrill of the shill?) was at times hard to resist, and while I've never felt compelled to accept money to write about anything I didn't sincerely enjoy, the increasingly commodified nature of blogs and social media made me feel...disconnected. I came for the peek into your thoughts and lifes, not to sign up for LIKEtoKNOWit. It was starting to feel like blogging was losing its personal touch; and but for some passionate content creators who actually pushed boundaries and a handful of friends/acquaintances who also happen to be bloggers, there wasn't much on my feed that actually touched my fibres. 😶

And so, I rejected Instagram for dank memes, spending my online presence falling down the Reddit hole: t-reeeee-gerring snowflakes and SJWs, being redpilled etc. 🐸  I swapped sponsored posts #sp for sh*tposts, and my daily sauce of curated Instagrams were replaced by watching political videos on YouTube. Being an observer (and sometimes participant - and no, I'm not telling you my alt account) of that side of the web reignited my flame for blogging. While you won't catch me making me_irl posts, I will be blogging regularly again - not as Posh, Broke, & Bored 'the brand', but Posh, Broke, & Bored the online diary and your weekly dose of sometimes-obnoxious but always-sincere sharing. With my long-awaited 3 week summer tour of Austria, the Balkans, and Tuscany kicking off tomorrow in Vienna, I can't think of a better journey to take you on - both on Instagram and on my blog!

Life, lately: Why I took a break from blogging and a look at my new London home
I return from my 2 month web-hiatus refreshed, reinvigorated, and feeling at home. At home in my newly-decorated winter garden-conservatory-home office (I promise to do an house tour, soon!), at home in my soon-to-be satiated state of wanderlust with 3 weeks of travels (oh, the irony), and finally, at home with sharing only the things that truly bring me joy on Posh, Broke, & Bored. So tell me, what did I miss while I was away? 

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