Seven things for 2017

January 06, 2017

Look, everyone knows that that the road to disappointment is paved with New Year's Resolutions - Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity; oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked - but allow me the beautiful fallacy that is the blank slate we dub "a fresh start & the chance to not eff this one up". In this very spirit of wide-eyed optimism (no doubt partly fueled by hunger pang-hallucinations. Ah, Dry January) I present to you my 
7 THINGS FOR 2017...


...with shoes, that is. Nobody is asking this Orient-tall to teeter around in stripper heels, but I would enjoy a renaissance of my glory days, the likes of which saw me climb six flights of stairs in the old St Martins building wearing 5-inch wedges without breaking a sweat. Somewhere between 25-going-on-75 I lost the ability to curb-stomp in stilts, so for now it's baby steps - starting with 2.5" block heels for daily wear, working my way up to walking effortlessly in stilettos. 

This time last year, I tried narrowing down the contents of my closet down to a 30-something-piece capsule wardrobe and failed spectacularly. So, in April I turned to the East and KonMari-ed my life, discarding everything that didn't "spark joy": I got rid of my vegetables, threw out a bunch of receipts, and dumped my boyfriend. The lesson learnt is that the key to happiness isn't minimalism, it's mindfulness. And so, in 2017 I will continue to buy less, buy better, and have just enough.

I can't believe it's been over 4 years since I've lived in my very first London apartment. Countless memories have been made in this Shoreditch 2B2B; the good, the bad, and the ugly; and as much as I treasure them all, it's time for me to start a new South West London. Your girl is going to be living 'south of the river' *cue shock, horror* but I'd like to think that whatever postcode snobbery I'll be on the receiving end on will be more than justified by living in a London icon.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record - my friends over at the weekly #LuxTravelChat have had this soundtrack stuck on repeat - I am sans travel documents while awaiting a decision on my application for ILR. This typically takes six months and I've five left to go, leaving me a mere 7 months in 2017 to hit my minimum of 12 trips a year (one for each month). In the meanwhile I've compiled a Wanderlust Wishlist and am itching to make up for lost travel time...


My God, the astrologers weren't kidding when they said that the Year of The Monkey would be ­čĺę for Tigers like me. Let's talk about health or rather lack thereof. Broken bone? Check. Close shave with Type 2 Diabetes? Not out of the woods yet. Painful but ultimately rewarding struggle to a smoke free me? Working on it! If I can just make it to the Year of The Rooster - 28th January 2017 - without giving in to the habit I can breathe easy, in more ways than one.

This is the biggest problem with my blogging. It's not the quality I'm talking about - as you can see from the effort I've put into my photography and lay outs, I've made good on last year's resolution to utilise my little graphic design skills and go for a more 'editorial feel' with Posh, Broke, & Bored - but rather, quantity. When composing a blog post, takes ten times longer than before, I end up with Slow Blogging (but hope to make up with Speedy Sharing). I am getting the hang of this new direction though, so please bear with me - I'm hoping to be more consistent with my posts, both on my blog and on social media.

...finally, this leads me to number 7:


I've been part of the Nuffnang family since 2013, first as one of the many bloggers in their community and then signed to Bloggerati, their dedicated talent management division. For practically as long as I can remember - bear in mind, I have the memory of a sieve - I have been lucky enough to have the smarts of talent managers Jesse and Sadie to help me as my day-to-day became increasingly complex ie; more collaborations with bigger clients than before, more invitations and emails, and sometimes helping me navigate Nasty Encounters Of A Blogging Kind. So it is with some sadness for me to announce that I am, as of now, managing myself independently. Getting back into that pace looks to be a little daunting (although not impossible) but I'm choosing to be positive about this new chapter for Posh, Broke, & Bored. I'm grateful for the relationship I had with Nuffnang UK and for the lessons I've learnt with them. I choose to think of crisis as a call to action and ultimately, as an opportunity.

Wish me all the best with this year and that it may be a whole lot better than 2016
What exciting plans and New Year's Resolutions have you got for 2017? 

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