Unboxing Day: A Sneak Peek at My Christmas Haul

December 27, 2016

Look, today I'm not even going to try to English - I know that most of you come, you see the pictures; you conquer or rather, close tab. Besides, I'm knackered. Perhaps it's the exhaustion of hauling ass from dawn to dusk volunteering at the local homeless shelter on Christmas Day. Maybe it's from attempting a 60 person-strong Mannequin Challenge during a boozy Christmas dinner. Possibly from running around London on Boxing Day to make the most of the Pokemon Go Christmas event (plot twist: Niantic makes Santa-hat-wearing-Pikachu the new norm. Trainers who transferred their hatless Pikachu to make room before hoarding festive 'Chus as collectibles weep en masse).

Whatever it is, I've got a cold, which I'm sure is appropriate on some level because 2016 has been a real clustercuss of a year and that bitch just won't quit. Much like my favourite present this Christmas: a very loud, so terrible-it's-amazing Gucci Lilith handbag in a very limited edition - only 27 in the world, and only available in-store so if you fancy one head down to the flagship on Bond Street. I'm rather less taken by the Gucci loafers, but I've included them for posterity anyway before exchanging them for a Harrods Gift Card (see what I swapped them for on my Dayre microblog). 

Fun little stocking stuffers - festive Yankee Candles that smell uncannily like Christmas trees and candy canes, a little Fendi purse, an Anya Hindmarch Rubik's Cube I forgot to actually take a photo of for this post (see, I told you I'm tired) - padded out an otherwise sparse Christmas present haul. You'll have no complain from me otherwise. 

The bird-song outside my window (the poor buggers are confused by the city's light pollution, it's only three in the morn...) is my cue to turn in for the night. I'll do a proper 'What's In My Handbag' post to get you acquainted with Lilith, but for now I leave you with photos of my Christmas present haul, sans witty repertoire because a) I'm tired and ill and b) does anyone actually read this anyway? If you do, comment below: "I am the Loch Ness monster".
How was your Christmas? What did you get up to? Were you naughty or nice? 
What did Santa slip in your stocking, the dirty devil? 

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