Summertime Sadness

October 11, 2016

Summer loving, had me a blast
Summer loving, it happened so fast
Summer loving, did you think it would last?

Summer, you picked up where I left off from my winter of discontent. Summer, you paid me a surprise visit in the last days of Spring. Summer, your golden head illuminated the long days and kept me warm with your sultry and languid glow.

Summer, I wanted you to last forever.

So I pursued you. Heading East, tracing your footsteps past the Mediterranean, and found us both in a city of eternal Summer. I thought the dream would never end in a country where the leaves never fall. But as surely as the world turns, you have to migrate South and I, back to the British Isles to face the commitment I madeAgainst the backdrop of late sunsets in Malaysia I danced precariously, teetering on a tightrope, knowing that Summer had to end. I had to stand on the edge of the world to see the big picture - that the choices we make move us forward in some ways but hold us back in others.

Seasons change. The golden head of Summer gives way to the auburn foliage of autumn. That's the way the leaves fall. Summer, perhaps one day I'll decide that I can't live without you and I'll meet you in the middle of the world - the Equatorial line - where you never stop shining and the days are ever hot and long. But until then, I believe that when you let go of a love that's mean to be, that love will find a way to come back to you. It may take a season, two seasons, three, but as surely as the sun sets in the West, it rises in the East. Till we meet again, Summer. x

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