Slow Blogging vs Speedy Sharing

August 16, 2016
Seeking something more meaningful than wham, bam, Instagram

I am built for comfort, not speed. One does not defy expectations by being Oriental yet busty (said physical oddity having skipped a generation, no less - how's that for a slow burn?) without the automatic right to the power anthem "I don't think you're ready for this jelly". I'm a surprisingly fast walker, yes, and incredibly efficient when I need to be. But the truth is: when it comes to curating and creating content, much like my magumbos-impaired running ability, I'll be at the Blog'Olympics representing Team Slow N' Steady*.

*not to be confused with Team Gave Up Blogging, bless their half-arsed souls. 

For someone considers pixel-pushing and HTML-herding her blog posts to the molasses-drenched pace of Lana Del Rey's sultry drawl to be her own personal brand of nerd-foreplay, surely the touch-and-go nature of social media influencer is as well suited to my languid disposition as the role of Formula 1 driver is to the slow loris. We live in the age of instant gratification, where information is consumed then promptly discarded at the speed of a fibre-optic lightning bolt. Scroll, comment, like, repeat. Easy come, easy go. We have fast food, fast fashion, and fast idols. You are only as relevant so as long as you can put out content as quickly as your audience hits refresh.  Is this bad news, then, for this blogger who spends no less than 6 hours on each blog post (not counting the time it takes to eat, shoot, and leave)? Is there a place on this fickle web for the perfectionist who spends at least half an hour and several outtakes plus editing to achieve the perfect flat lay? Surely my choice to sacrifice mobile-reader compatibility to having Posh, Broke, & Bored read like a magazine layout is the death knoll for my blog? Of the many events I attend, places I visit, and products I sample, only a very small fraction - perhaps a tenth - actually make their way to this blog, which for all intents and purposes is counterintuitive to being successful on social media. 
Reconciling spontaneity with thoughtful design: INSTASTORIES & SNAPCHAT ­čĹ╗ 
Praise be to 'blink and you'll miss it' apps like Snapchat for existing as a dumping ground for my thought-diarrhoea. The collective blogosphere is twittering about which side to take in the wake of the launch of Instagram Stories, and naturally I've turned to the wisdom of the Old El-Paso girl: Why don't we have both? Snapchat for the ridiculous and entertaining filters, Instagram Stories for the reach. Besides, even before Stories bloggers have been Instagramming Snaps, so... The advent of Instagram Stories is a game-changer to the game-changer, that is, filling in the gap Instagram created when the community decided that curating your grid with VSCOcam > spontaneous captures (you know, the titular character...what did you think the word Instagram was an amalgamation of?) Finally, I don't have to seek out Snapchat like a dirty little side-piece for my uncurated slices of daily life for fear of messing up my feed. So, Snapchat for the lols, Instagram Stories for the shares (both as @poshbrokebored), my blog for the thoughtful design I love, and my Instagram feed for the visual highlights of Posh, Broke, & Bored. It looks like this blogger can have her cake, Snap it, 'Gram it, blog it, and eat it too.
Are you Team Snapchat or Team Instagram Stories?
Do you prefer Slow Blogging or Speedy Sharing?
Or as a wise little fictional girl once said...why don't we have both?
*this blog post is not in any way sponsored by Old El-Paso, although I could really use some box-tacos right now.

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