Time Machine

July 10, 2016


A time machine. That's what I want for my big three-oh in August. Instead, I'm getting a trip to NYC with this one, possibly a new lens, and the inevitable rude awakening that moisturising my face with tap water just isn't going to cut it anymore. For years I've been dogged by everybody who's bought into the beauty industry hype insisting on the necessities of face oil, serum, eye cream, and all things anti-aging, which if you think about it, is a basically a time machine. For the face. To be honest, even if I rewind the clock my face would be the least of my priorities (I'd just slap my 18 year old self and scream "You do not have cellulite!") but ask me again in a year when, if scare-mongering is to be believed, everything starts heading south... So, to appease the Gods of Time, I've built a sort of shrine devoted to the age-old process of beautification, or rather undoing the ravages of time - which is basically a superfluous way of saying I finally have a makeup table. By way of offerings, I've managed to snag myself a whole seven-piece skincare set for more mature skin - including face oil, eye cream, serum! - all for under £45 with 3 for 2 on selected Botanics products.

The ritual is as follows: my morning and evening ablutions begin with the All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash, followed by a spritz of Organic Rosewater to tighten the pores. A mist of rosewater also makes for a great makeup setting spray. I slap on a layer of Radiant Youth Super Serum and dab on some Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream before I moisturise with Radiant Youth Protecting Day Cream SPF15. For the evenings, I skip the serum. Instead, I replace that step with Triple Age Renewal Smoothing Facial Oil (in-store only, and sold out everywhere it seems - I snagged mine at a Boots in Gatwick Airport) followed by Radiant Youth Replenishing Night Cream.

I've been using Botanics, the award-winning brand from Boots, ever since I was introduced to the Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish. I admire businesses that strive to be environmentally friendly, myself being a advocate of wearing vintage clothes. So, Botanics' organic beauty products made with natural plant extracts and developed with plant experts at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew makes for a lighter conscience - not just for sustainability, but also knowing that I'm effectively supporting a less mainstream brand and getting just as effective results at a pocket-friendly price point.

As for my 'beauty nook' (left), all I really did was move a mirrored console table from my living room into a corner of my bedroom, propped up a couple of mirrors I found while antiquing, put down a slab of marble, then arrange my fragrances and makeup to make a dedicated 'face-station'. I'm the sort of person who's perfectly happy doing my makeup standing up, or on a moving train, so if this new addition is definitely an indication of a shift...

Did you find that your attitude toward skincare and beauty change as you left your twenties?

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