Jetset Diaries: A Day In The Life of Jessica Patterson

July 22, 2016

A day in the life of one-woman PR powerhouse Jessica Patterson of JPR Media.


Hello from sunny Split! By the way that's not me in the picture above, that's my friend Jessica Patterson in Ibiza (confusing, I know) who is today's guest blogger on Posh, Broke, & Bored. Now, I've had a few requests from other bloggers to guest post but this is a first for me: I've never actually agreed to guest post requests before. But I said yes to Jess (oh, that rhymes) because not only is she a personal friend from my Mayfair heydays, she is also the epitome of self-branding done right and the kind of admirable, entrepreneur #GirlBoss that everyone thinks I am but I'm actually secretly too lazy to be forget you read that last part. I can't help but admire Jess (oh, I'll just call you J-Pat from here on, you cool with that J-Pat?)'s driven spirit and tireless hustle. So, by way of inspiration, rather than let my blog have a hiatus while I'm travelling, I thought I'd let J-Pat liven up the proceedings with this guest post on a typical day in the life of a PR powerhouse. Take it away, Jess!


Jessica Patterson: I constantly want to be productive. Not just efficient, but also effective. Every day, it’s not just about the amount of hours you work and how hard you think you've worked - it’s also bout how efficient you are with your time. Why sweat the small stuff? So let’s just talk about a normal day for me. First things first: my PR agency JPR Media Group was conceived 2 years ago to pay off £40,000 worth of debt which shockingly I accomplished in 3 months from start date. It was a huge achievement for me, but maybe not for others: one person’s £1,000,000 is another person’s pocket change. That’s where self-awareness and perspective comes in. Thirty one contracts signed and almost 2 years on, JPR Media are now based on the 1st floor above The Worlds End Market on the Kings Road in Chelsea. I’m certainly not a Chelsea girl, albeit I have lived in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, South Kensington and Pimlico for 12 out of the 14 years I’ve lived in London. I’m a Californian living in London and I have built my business into a fantastic female empowering, creative, innovative, trusted, unique lifestyle brand. 

A day in the life of one-woman PR powerhouse Jessica Patterson of JPR Media.
A day in the life of one-woman PR powerhouse Jessica Patterson of JPR Media.
A day in the life of one-woman PR powerhouse Jessica Patterson of JPR Media.
A day in the life of one-woman PR powerhouse Jessica Patterson of JPR Media.

My clients are incredible. They have the ability to build businesses and 
make their dreams a reality through their business acumen and hustle.
So, today. I woke up at 7:00am. My first business meeting of the day was at 9:00am with an incredibly talented commercial interior designer with hanging clouds from the ceiling which rumble with thunder and lightning. The room was covered in industrial, sci-fi looking characters as well as Japanimation characters and memes moulded into giant heads. I was invited in to discuss doing PR for this studio over hot coffee and sugar biscuits. My second meeting was at the house of my partner Nick House in another project, Carbon Club in Ghana which we are launching in several months. Here we discussed lighting effects, staff hiring, special effects, and graphic design work for billboards and adverts over a bowl of granola and green tea. 
When I enter the JPR Media Group office, the team is busy working. At approximately 8:00 - 9:00am I usually send a group Whatsapp of specific individual tasks for everyone to achieve. I’ve been lucky in my organisation to have some amazing girls work with me. I’m always surprised to see how hard they work and how talented they are. 
Whether it’s their organizational skills, polish, hustle, negotiation skills, and social media eye – I hire amazing people for three main reasons – one: They are better than me at something needed, two: They have incredible work ethic and passion, three: I like them. It’s pretty simple. As a company, I don’t have any drama ever. It's work, and the PR women on my team are focused, smart and hard workers. Fast forward to 5:00pm and I’m drinking my second virgin bloody Mary. I’ve heard the new bartender downstairs is an exact lookalike of H&M male model Jon Kortojarena. Good news for the JPR girls!

A day in the life of one-woman PR powerhouse Jessica Patterson of JPR Media.
Today I’ve been asked to do the following:

  1. Meet with my partner Nick House to launch a club in Ghana.
  2. Send proposals to a hotel, a high-end restaurant, and a commercial interior designer, and also set up meetings with hotel owners and property developers for my interior design client.
  3. Write a guest blog post (Hi!)
  4. Book restaurant reviews into Vicino, Circus Restaurant, 35 New Cavendish, and The Worlds End Market.
  5. Raise £30,000 cash in a week.
  6. Launch a soon to be announced international restaurant.
  7. Create a concept for a new film.
  8. Edit a film we just shot a couple days ago into two versions and get one version into press.
  9. Plan a Woman’s Crush Wednesday at Circus.
  10. Plan JPR Media’s 2 year anniversary party.
  11. Set up meetings with hotel owners whilst I’m in Santorini this Saturday, and set up meetings with hotel owners whilst I’m in Ibiza in two weeks.
  12. Find complimentary alcohol to be delivered to Croatia.
  13. Set up new meetings with 10+ clients.
  14. Send post press releases and images to everyone who went to our bloggers dinner last night.
  15. Send all articles published today and follow up on competitions to my social media manager.

Oh, and today I launched a JPR Media app. Why? Because JPR Media are established innovators.
Each day, we think of ways to lead the pack, in a big way. 

A day in the life of one-woman PR powerhouse Jessica Patterson of JPR Media.

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