How I Lost 8kg in 8 Weeks (without exercise)

June 08, 2016


Allow me to preface this post with a disclaimer that I am not a nutrition nor fitness expert. I'm from the far side of the moon, yo - you're talking to an aspiring skinny b*tch who wants to have her cake, Instagram it, and eat it too. In other words, a wishful thinker and a goddamn fool. To be honest, given my salad-dodging reputation, I wouldn't have blamed you for reading this blog post and thinking it an April's Fool joke. Losing 18.3kg (that's 40lbs, or 2 stone 11lbs) is arduous enough let alone striving to achieve that goal in 3-4 months without an exercise regime in place. Yet here I am: 3 months and some twenty restaurant/bar/café reviews later, having dropped a dress size and down to 70kg from my starting weight of 78.3kg. Whaaaaack. How did I drop it like a hot potato? Were drugs, starvation, or parasites involved? The answers are, in reverse order; God no, hell no, I wish, and read on to find out how I lost 8kg in 8 weeks in just three simple steps.
First things first; you have to be motivated for the right reasons. No amount of fat-shaming - whether from well-intentioned family and friends, concerned doctors, bored strangers on the internet, or spiteful other halves - will make you slim down unless you want to. And you shouldn't want to lose weight for anyone but yourself - only you have the right to decide how you want to look or feel. Secondly; there are no shortcuts. At least, no quick n' easy fix that won't come back to bite you in the arse. I've seen so many of my contemporaries resort to fad diets and/or develop eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia, and that fashion blogger favourite, orthorexia - only to have the lost weight bounce back with a vengeance or find themselves with sometimes irreversible damage to their long term health. 
When it comes to losing a drastic amount of weight and taking control of your health, it's all or nothing. Either you change your lifestyle for the long run or don't bother at all. My personal reasons for slimming down to a UK8 and 60kg are to drastically lower my risk of Type 2 diabetes and also to look my best (I was that weight and size until I was 21, and those were glorious days). As it stands, I'm almost halfway there - today, I've lost 8 of the 18kg I want to and I'm down a dress size. And I did it without going to a gym, hiring a personal trainer or nutritionist, or spending any money...


The only workout I did was the math to figure out how many calories I had to consume to lose weight at my desired rate. I used this calorie calculator and filled in my age, height, gender, daily activity level, how much weight I wanted to lose and when I wanted to lose it. I then got, based on my activity level (sedentary) the daily calorie intake to reach my goal: 1200 cals.

Reducing my daily calorie intake from my then 2000 calories down to 1200 was surprisingly easy. First, I kicked my daily junk food habit by relegating all my food delivery apps to the last page on my iPhone and decided to cook most of my meals (making exceptions for dining out once or twice a week for my cheat days). Then, I plan my weekly meals with Tesco Real Food (you can search recipes by cuisine, course, cooking time, and most handily - calorie count) and simply clicked to add the ingredients to my weekly online grocery shop.

Now that I knew my target weight, my ideal daily calorie intake and had a more or less accurate idea of how many calories I was consuming everyday, I kept track of my progress on the My Fitness Pal app. Every meal was logged diligently as was my weight (I weigh myself every morning at the same time for consistency) and I was astonished to see that I was losing 1 kg a week! The progress chart of my ever-dropping weight motivated me to keep on track with my healthy new lifestyle and diet.


I must admit, now that I'm almost at the halfway mark my weight loss has been stagnant. The reason for this is simple; the less one weighs, the less calories one needs, and now that I've lost 8.3kg I need even less calories than I did when I weighed 78.3kg. Consuming 1200 calories a day no longer makes me lose 1kg a week but rather maintains my current weight of 70kg. To shed a further 10kg, I'll have to either reduce my calorie intake further or increase my activity level. With my love for food and also restaurant reviews being a part of this blog, starving myself is simply not an option - so moving my arse it is. Your girl has actually started taking public transport - walking up and down the Underground stairs burns more calories than plopping my butt in the back of a taxi - and walking to fetch my things (instead of sending someone to do it). At some point I'm going to actually have to break a sweat and embrace the dreaded E word ('exercise', shudder) so I'm looking into pilates, dance, and martial arts - three somewhat social workouts I'm actually interested in (read: won't bore me to death). Wish me luck...

Have you ever embarked on a drastic weight loss journey? 
How did you go about it? Share your stories with me!

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