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March 06, 2016
Taking my latest buy for a spin in Arnold Circus, Shoreditch

It’s sunny! It’s snowy! It’s freezing! It’s balmy! Either the weather is off her meds or London is blessing us with bouts of sunshine to apologise for the sudden balls-cold spell that hit us earlier this week It’s almost as though she realised that winter is nearly over and decided to go all-out before the curtain falls, but still - no snow (the weather will probably go all Arendelle on us this June, just you wait). How the devil are we supposed to dress for this bipolar climate, though? Do we store the furs and bring out the trench coats? Eschew black for sunnier shades? Luckily for me, I’ve already got my spring capsule wardrobe sorted and the answer is: nudes. Nudes are always the answer.

The red-bricked Victorian buildings of Boundary Estate has always evoked for me a sort of nostalgia and curiosity especially when viewed as a panorama from the bandstand of Arnold Circus. A little bit of digging into East End history revealed a fascinating story of the Victorian social experiment that changed Britain. Arnold Circus is the heart of the country’s first council estate, Boundary Estate, inaugurated in 1896. The 19th century estate was designed to elevate the slum and its feared underclass to a self-respecting community - from its deliberate lack of pubs to design details like the pattern of the brickwork to evoke a sense of pride and aspiration.  
That makes Boundary Estate the first example of gentrification in Shoreditch, and Arnold Circus the heart of the catalyst of East London’s increasing desirability. No wonder I feel so at home in Arnold Circus as I observe trendy East London from every angle - Shoreditch House yonder, fashionable Redchurch Street on one side, and Shoreditch High Street on the other.

Waxing lyrical about gentrification aside, I digress, this is supposed to be a post on the latest addition to my spring capsule wardrobe.

I found this beauty of a bucket bag at Zara and it’s the perfect addition to my Spring nudes. Depending on the light, sometimes it looks camel, tan, a creamy shade of peach, or flesh (my boyfriend thinks it looks like a certain part of the male anatomy - that’s men for you) which makes this minimal accessory extremely versatile - especially given that I’ll be wearing mostly various shades of nude tones over the next three months.

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