Birthday Babies

February 16, 2016

Hello! How was your Valentine's Day weekend? I daresay that at least 20 people in Kuala Lumpur - myself included - are still recovering from mine! True to tradition, I hosted a real knees up of a festive chimera - a Chinese New Year meets Valentine's Day weekend meets birthday party - at mine for my two favourite people, my bestie Michiekins and my baobei Henry. Michiekins' birthday falls on 13th February (Valentine's Day Eve!) and Henry's is on the first day of The Year Of The Monkey - I didn't need a geomancer or Feng Shui master to tell me that the weekend past was most fortuitous for one of my legendary penthouse parties! Besides, you know us...any excuse for a soiree chez moi... 
Let's start backwards, with scenes from the party aftermath on the morning of St Valentine's Day...

Michiekins and Henry mixing up their balloons.
You would too, if you were there the night before.

Henry surveying his spoils like a bird of prey. Believe me when I say he drank what seemed like all of the empties on that table.

Some of Michiekins' birthday swag.

Meow! Being a cat, Henry needs to sniff everything including Michiekins' presents.

Let's wind the clock back to the night of the party, before the place turned topsy turvy and the penthouse was still pristine...

The theme for the party was 'Black Tie & Golden Girls': a sort of Art Deco-Great Gatsby-Guys & Dolls-Bond mash up that some of the guests sort of adhered to (this is Malaysia, where being casually underdressed is de rigeur - with some exceptions like the Malaysia Tatler Ball). The birthday boy and girl wore white because they're such special snowflakes, naturally. Myself, I just about managed to slip myself into this golden number after spending the whole day zipping up town sourcing out props and decor plus setting up the penthouse for the party. I think I used up my DIY quota on the dessert table alone...

Easy cake pop cheat - those golden cake pops are actually Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapped in a icing and edible gold paint.

Completing my look with my signature red lipstick...

...only to have it rubbed off by my amorous birthday boy.

Love is messy, but then you find the person worth smudging your £20 CHANEL lipstick for. 
Any diehard lipstick enthusiast, like yours truly, will tell you that's love. 

Birthday girl Michiekins (in white) with baby Mika and her posse (in black and gold, naturally).

Plastic knife fight! Birthday girl and birthday boy Battle Royale.

The party truly begins when I change out of my high heels and dress into a dressing gown and hotel slippers. 

All the better for competing in the games - musical chairs, gambling, fireworks...

...and my new favourite, the 'newspaper game'!

Pick a partner. You start by standing on a single sheet of newspaper. Each turn, the newspaper is folded in half and you both have to find creative ways to stay on it without touching the floor! Piggyback rides, yoga poses, contortions ensue...

Oh! I have to tell you all about the best 'WTF' moment from the night:

 So I rang the front desk just after midnight and shouted through the din of the party: 

"Helloooo it's me! Could you please send up a newspaper?" (for the newspaper game)

"Certainly, m'aam! I shall have it arranged with the duty manager." 

Me (confused - all that effort for a newspaper?) "Much obliged!"

One hour later, the door bell rings.

And these two blokes are standing outside my suite with a heaving black leather sofa.

"Here is your new sofa, ma'am!"

Me: "I asked for a NEWSPAPER not a new sofa!!!"

At least the new sofa came in handy for disco naps and for overnight guests. Well, that's a silver black lining...

How was your Valentine's weekend? Did you get up to any shenanigans?


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