A triangle bra for even the most bosom-y of wenches

February 05, 2016

From my new saviour - B by Ted Baker

 The love that dares not speak its name. That’s my euphemism for ‘titties too big for this bullsh*t’ - the collective cry of bosom buddies with more than a handful to spare. Myself, being the ambivalent bearer of an ample chest (all the more astonishing given my South East Asian ethnicity which tends to come with automatic admission into the itty-bitty-titty committee) have accepted that my DDs are persona non grata at the triangle bra party. Those underwire-less, ethereal, wispy lace handkerchiefs held up with nary but a spaghetti-slim strap? No chance in hell. How about this eggshell-coloured feat of support engineering that bears a passing resemblance to a chastity device?
I had all but given up on finding a lace triangle bra that would do the job and instead resigned myself to, at best; a lifetime of chest-jabbing, heart-stabbing underwire, at worst; matronly breast-prisons in satin beige (why are they always satin and/or beige?). Triangle bras of sheer lace were simply too delicate, too fragile, too unsupportive for anyone over a B cup, or so I thought until Debenhams got in touch with me. 
I've long been a fan of Ted Baker's colourful, sometimes pastel, and floral aesthetic especially for their summer dresses and their accessories. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of their lingerie line B by Ted Baker. Even more so delighted that this pale pink lace triangle bra was not just as pretty in person as it is in pictures, but it actually stayed in place plus is as comfortable and supportive as any of my other bras.

The key, I think, might be in the slightly thicker shoulder straps, or as I prefer to call it: a Valentine's Day miracle. Together with the rest of the set (here) and (here), my forbidden love for all things barely-there is no longer a bad romance, but a skimpy dream come true. Now, if that's not love, I don't know what is...
Thank you, Debenhams, for the early V-Day gifts. 
Gift your own with Debenhams, and don't forget the flowers... x 

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