Winter Skin: My 8 Epidermis Essentials

December 22, 2015
My 8 skincare and beauty essentials for Winter from E45, Banila Co. Tony Moly, Aritaum, and Cellnique.

 That's right, lucky number 8. To all my superstitious Chinese homies, can I get a '发发*'?
* - fatt, or 'prosperous', which sounds just like '八' (eight).

While my summer skin was mad for oil, this winter I'm thirsty for dat moisture. I've swapped out my tanning lotions and argan oils for rich balms and skincare that smell suspiciously like ice-cream. As always, I look to the East for skincare - nobody does Asian skin like the South Koreans do, which you'll know all about from my Seoul shopping blog posts (here and here)!

My 8 skincare and beauty essentials for Winter from E45, Banila Co. Tony Moly, Aritaum, and Cellnique.

Lotions & potions à la mode: My 8 Winter Skincare Essentials 

1. E45
Unglamorous but it gets the job done, ie. turns scales into silk - my elbows have never been softer nor less-lizardlike. There's a reason why a tube, bottle, or jar of E45 is a staple in every British home - it works on both face and body, plus it's especially soothing on dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

2. Banila Co. Clean It 'Purity' Cleansing Water
Is it a makeup remover, is it micellar water, is it a cleanser? All of the above (probably). A speedy wipe of the face with a generous amount on a cotton pad is my express face cleansing routine on winter evenings when it's just too damn cold to waste another millisecond out of my warm, fluffy marshmallow of a bed. Bedtime beats facetime, always.

3. Banila Co. Clean It 'Radiance' Cleansing Balm
A penny-size blob of this magic balm melts off all my makeup, waterproof mascara included, into a watery-yet-solid, non-oily form that wipes off effortlessly with a washcloth. What sorcery is this?! Sometimes I double-cleanse with Clean It 'Purity' Cleansing Water to remove any excess balm, but on very dry days I leave it on as extra moisturiser.

4. Tony Moly Goat Milk Premium Moisture Cream
It smells so deliciously sweet, I have to remind myself not to dip my digits in the jar and lick the cream off my fingers. I pondered over this pricey little gem for ages in at least 2 Tony Moly outlets in Myeong-Dong before giving in. My reward is the sweet but subtle scent and light, milky texture that greets me twice a day. Oh, and majorly plump, bouncy skin.
5. Tony Moly 'Panda's Dream' Brightening Eye Base
They nailed the name with this one. A month later and I'm not convinced that my dark circles have faded, but the reverse-panda whiteness of this brightening eye base is a novelty, and the skin under my eyes is better primed for concealer. Satisfyingly thick but not sticky texture, and it smells vaguely of menthol, too!

6. Aritaum Baby Face Mist with collagen
The essence of youth in a peachy-fragrant mist form. I dread the day my canister runs empty - I just can't imagine myself going back to plain ol' Avène or Evian...

7. Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque* 
The hero of my winter skincare collection. I pile on this masque every Monday morning then answer the door to my terrified postman before scrubbing it all off with a washcloth - it's my quick, easy do-it-at-home facial!

8. Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel*
Touch wood, I haven't yet developed any blackheads this season. Though I've heard great things about this melting gel, so I'm almost hoping for blackheads and whiteheads just so I can put this to the test...

*c/o Cellnique, gifted to me for review.

** apart from E45 which you can buy from almost every pharmacy and supermarket in the UK, all my skincare hails from the East. You can buy Korean beauty products from Amazon, but there's no experience like perusing YesStyle, Style Nanda, and SaSa for discovering at what Asian beauty innovations will be trending in the West next season. Sephora is another fantastic portal for perusing international beauty brands, and they carry Korean skincare too!
My 8 skincare and beauty essentials for Winter from E45, Banila Co. Tony Moly, Aritaum, and Cellnique.

Now that you've met the eight new staples of my beauty cabinet, tell me - what are your hero skincare products this winter?
Is your bathroom stocked with modest classics or cutting-edge innovations that'd make a scientist's head spin? x

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