That's Capital! Tavern at 15, London Capital Club

December 14, 2015

Venturing past the borders of hipsterland for Snacks In The City 
(which I'm totally going to name my parody food-fashion blog, if I ever write one...).

 Lunch at Tavern at 15, the new restaurant of London Capital Club
"Of course you can choose your own path, dear. So choose: property development, natural resources, running the family business, or finance." All-too familiar words from the 'Tiger Mum' brand of encouragement most respectable upper-middle class Oriental cubs grew up with. I'm one of the lucky ones: I earned a BA (Honours) in navel-gazing from a liberal art school then sold substandard drawings to pass the time before arriving at my current position of shopkeeper and online diary-writer. Living the dream, you guys, I'm living the dream. 
Occasionally I'll drop in on City watering holes to observe, safari-style, the worker bees of the corporate world so many of my generation have joined. Being an outsider I'd never imagine being a regular at a 'legendary private business club' such as London Capital Club. The prestigious institution celebrated its 100th birthday by refurbishing the old basement into trendy new restaurant Tavern at 15. Stuffy and jowly it is not: Head Chef Jean-Didier Gouges - famous for his inventive cuisine at the Royal Albert Hall - oversees a British menu with multicultural influences which I was pleased to sample then wash down with a cocktail (or three...)

I tried reading the Financial Times. Verdict: I'll leave that to my stockbroker and stick to the society pages...

Henry and I whetted our appetites with baked camembert and brioche (satisfying melty), herb potatoes, and tempura soft-shell crab (perfectly butterflied on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside).

Henry supped on the wild mushroom tagliatelle, the only vegetarian option on the menu. 

Although herbivores will be glad to know that Tavern at 15 are happy to 'de-meat' most dishes if you ask nicely.

Commited carnviore that I am, I had the signature lobster burger. Pure heaven, and such decadence for lunch!

As close as I'll ever get to a suit and tie: my 'smart work uniform' of figure hugging black, red lips and red hair...

Henry and I cleansed our palates with some bracingly tart lime sorbet, before washing down our lunch with champagne cocktails and iced-coffees. I must say, Tavern at 15 was not at all what I expected - while buzzing with suits and City Boys the ambience was cozy and relaxed, and the food was more of what I'd expect from a trendy café or bistro in Islington. The only indication that we were dining in an established, century-old business members' club, apart from its central location in the city, were the stacks of Financial Times in the gracious yet perfectly sensible lobby (no vulgar design fads there, just simple and classic decor). I doubt I'll be joining such a club anytime soon, but not to fret, Tavern at 15 is open to non-members. Book here, and promise me you'll try the lobster burger. x

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