Interiors: My Christmas present to myself - A 'calm luxury' bedroom refresh

December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas! This year I embraced the festive spirit by gifting myself with a bedroom makeover.

The first incarnation of my Winter Nest was at best, a cheap n' easy solution. As charmingly cozy as my 170 square ft bedroom is, its minuscule dimensions plus soulless lack of architectural detail were at odds with my New Traditional decor style and my need for storage that serves as a stylish display. Had the ceilings reached greater heights I would've had added plaster details, crown moulding, Victorian ceiling roses etc. But no way would I crowd an already tiny bedroom with more ornaments especially not with a property I plan to flip in the very near future - save the 'meatier' renovations for my forever home! Any additions made would have to be things I could take with me like furniture or inexpensive upgrades I wouldn't mind leaving behind such as painted walls and fixtures.

Bedroom Reveal: My Winter Nest refreshed in taupe, grey, and gold

I started with a blank canvas, cheating the KonMari method by faking a capsule wardrobe - moving 90% of my clothes, shoes, and handbags to another room. The few carefully curated pieces that were allowed to remain are displayed on a gold clothing rail - an extra rail from my boutique I brought home and spray-painted a glamourous shade - on minimalist copper clothing hangers. I painted an accent corner in taupe (Farrow & Ball 'Elephant's Breath') for a bit of warmth, leaving the ceiling and skirting white for a subtle bit of contrast. Out went the mismatched medley of Billy bookcases and in its place is now 'Goliath' - my name for the couple of imposing 7-foot tall Liatorp bookcases. Not only are they in a lovely shade of dove grey, the cornices and plinth rails bring a hint of that classic decor style I love so much to my otherwise bland modern home. 

That slab of 'marble' to the right of Goliath? That's what is left of my formal blogging corner - my home office.

The biggest white elephant in my bedroom was the home office. Yes, my marble-topped desk with its trestles and my sexy-but-pointless iMac, both of which were basically just glorified dust-collectors: I hardly used that desk even when it was in my artist studio, and I certainly never blogged anywhere beside from my Macbook Air on the sofa or in bed. I'm selling the iMac, given away the trestle table legs, and am keeping the marble table top as a backdrop for photos. In place of my desk are his & her's storage: two chest of drawers of plainest, unfinished pine that I have so many decorating ideas for. I'm thinking a lick of taupe paint, some ostrich leather panels for the drawers, and gold drawer pulls...

Please excuse my sparse houseplant - it's a tropical plant and its not doing very well with these short days, I've had to trim the dead leaves. I think its time to invest in a sun lamp...

My biggest splurge was this gorgeous bed I've had my eye on for ages: the Skye in Owl Grey. I had to size up now that my bed's inhabitants have doubled - a standard double bed just wasn't going to cut it for a couple. I swapped out my floral Designer's Guild bedding with grey linen bedding and cozy H&M knitted cushions for a simple but luxurious and cozy set up.

The new kingsize bed is the second giant in my bedroom. My bedroom may be small - a mere 17 feet long and 10 feet wide - but I wasn't afraid to 'go big' with the furniture. I'd rather have an oversized bed and bookcase that accommodates my needs in a cozy room, than too-small furniture for the sake of a few extra square feet.

To compliment the rest of the gold fittings in my bedroom (mirrors, frames, clothing rail) I spray painted my curtain rail with the same metallic shade I applied to my clothing rail. It's amazing how a tin detail like that makes all the difference - the flash of gold is a little luxury I enjoy whenever I open or close my drapes.

You can see reflected in the mirror the simple taupe lampshade I settled for. I'm not yet sure what I want to do in the way of lighting - perhaps an art-deco chandelier? A cluster of exposed vintage light bulbs, industrial-style?

There you have it, my Christmas present to myself - a calm and minimal bedroom refresh with just a little touch of luxury. I'm loving the restrained colour palette in all its near-monochrome simplicity, and its made my bedroom such a relaxing space to come home to. All that's left for me to upgrade are the chest of drawers (a DIY until I find the perfect antique set), a huge grey-and-yellow rug to replace the current beige one, and of course a show-stopping lamp to offset all the minimalism.

Are you upgrading your home for 2016? Do you believe in the adage 'new year, new home'? (I just made that up) What did you get for Christmas this year? x

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