Started From The Bottom Now We Here (II)

November 22, 2015

Another evening, another intimate dinner with some of Malaysia's most powerful and influential.

20.11.12 | THE PEAK CEO DINNER SERIES at Samplings On The Fourteenth, Kuala Lumpur

Making a connection between the last time I quoted Drake (read Started From The Bottom Now We Here) and Friday's soiree is a bit of a stretch but not entirely unwarranted: both occasions were a power meal of sorts (even if the vista from Samplings On The Fourteenth is somewhat less elevated than Sushi Samba, London) although the party assembled at The Peak CEO Dinner Series was certainly far more exclusive. Malaysia's high fliers have at some point attended one of the magazine's dinner series which traditionally is hosted at home, but for Friday's dinner mummy held the dinner party at one of the company's fine-dining restaurants: the much underrated Samplings On The Fourteenth at Times Square. Not strictly residential, but seeing as Times Square - especially the penthouses where I throw most of my parties - is basically my city pied à terre, I couldn't have felt more at home.

Datin Azliza, CEO of Blu Inc. Media, greeting the ladies with warm words of welcome. Yes, ladies: Friday's dinner party guests were female CEOs of which I was the youngest and barely qualified - I'm less CEO, more sole trader, or as I sometimes introduce myself - with a cringe - an 'entrepreneur'. It's heartening to know that despite my age and inexperience these doyennes graciously welcomed me into their fold - perhaps they find the gauche quality of youth a breath of fresh air. 

We whetted our appetites with a starter of seared Hotate scallop and pickled herring with arugula, fennel salad, and creamy avocado dressing. I'm absolutely terrified of pickled fish (in fact, make that all fish except when its prepared as tartar or sashimi) so I supped on only the scallops.

The unassuming soup was a perfectly balanced cream of white asparagus with generous chunks of Alaska crab leg. Mouth-wateringly delicious, with a gorgeous creamy texture yet not overly rich as to overwhelm the delicacy of white asparagus, and every other mouthful punctuated with a delightful bite of crab - I could eat this every day.

I've long since refused to eat foie gras for ethical reasons, although the gold leaf was a nice touch and the accompanying caramelised watermelon was lovely.

Presentation is everything. When presented well even a humble pineapple ginger sorbet is elevated from mere palate cleanser to an amusing course, and if it's decorated properly: Instagram fodder.

The main course was of course well-presented, as you would expect from a fine-dining restaurant, but even without any visual stimulation would've held its own against a picky palate: my fillet of Wagyu tenderlion, chargrilled to perfection at medium rare, melted in my mouth. The delicious parsnip mash and vegetables marinated in Merlot jus were the cherries on the cake.

 I heard that the alternative - poached fillet of pike fish with eggplant mousseline, vegetable ratatouille and clam sauce - was outstanding. 

Pudding was a decent milk chocolate mousse with raspberry marmalade accompanied with macadamia ice-cream.

This was only the second of The Peak CEO Dinner Series I've attended (I blogged about my first here, hosted by Benjamin Yong of The BIG Group) but I can already say that this event has earned a firm place in my Kuala Lumpur social calendar. Thank you mummy for a lovely evening and delicious dinner in the company of such inspiring and influential women - yourself included! x

#GirlPower #SquadGoals #LadiesNight

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