My Top 10 Luxury Highlights of November

November 30, 2015

November is easily my favourite month of this year so far, mostly because I feel like I've reclaimed my life.

Retrospect. Rewind. Roundup. My Top 10 Luxury Highlights of November 2015.

Stop the press: my priorities have changed. My greatest luxuries are now clean air, and time: the time for travel, friends, shopping, and social events. I took a much-needed four weeks off from Regimental Vintage to reacquaint myself with my old life of leisure. The result: restorative, to say the least. Here are ten favourite luxuries from last month; some of them grand, some of them seemingly simple - but make no mistake, every one of them have gone a great way toward making my month of November one to remember.

1. Malaysia Tatler Ball 2015
It may have been on Halloween night but the ultimate social event for Malaysia's elite was the kick-off for the month I reclaimed la dolce vita. So as far as I'm concerned, my November began on the red carpet at this year's annual Malaysia Tatler Ball at The Shangri La Kuala Lumpur. Michiekins - herself a Tatler Ball virgin - and I had a cracking time, the climax of which was forming a Disney Princess acapella band in the bathroom.  
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2. South Korea with my Seoul Sisters
56 hours is too short a time to spend in any city, but I wasn't going to let my busy schedule get in the way of bonding with my Seoul Sisters. I may have missed Sheena's hen's night - the reason why we were in her 'spiritual motherland' - but I managed to visit the districts of Myeong-Dong, Gangnam, and Hongdae. Personal highlights: the new Café Dior by Pierre Herme at the world's largest Dior flagship boutique and Thanks Nature sheep café. 
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3. A Business Class bargain
Well I'll be damned - you can have a comfortable long haul flight on a no-frills airline. Air Asia (Malaysia's answer to Easyjet) promised that 'Now Everybody Can Fly' but who'd have thought that 'premium flatbed' would be on the price menu of cheap n' cheerful in-flight options? Headphones, check; Pak Nasser's nasi lemak, check;
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4. My new beauty destination
You guys. Guess which beauty bandwagon this Luddite finally caught up to? Gel manicures. Nail polish I can't chip despite my worst efforts - I'm sold! My very first bullet-proof manicure came courtesy of my friend's new salon176 Avenue on Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Hair salon, lash bar, nail spa, waxing, coffee, ample parking, and achingly-cool industrial chic decor all under one centrally-located roof? Cut me a set of keys, I'm moving in. 
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5. Wedding bells a-ringin'
I teased my younger brother for dating a woman my age, then I went and got crazy in love with a younger man my brother's age. Funny how what goes around, comes around. Even more amusing is that the lil' one went and got wed before I did, and in style too: his wedding at The Chateau, Berjaya Hills Malaysia may have been an intimate affair but there was no shortage of beauty and magical moments. No pressure, then... 
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6. More wedding bells
Three years ago at Michiekins' wedding our college BFF Suanne caught the bridal bouquet with her priceless facial expression that will forever go down in the annals of Greatest Wedding Moments Ever. Fast forward to 21.11.15 and one of the coolest chicks I know married the love of her life (who shed his uncanny resemblance to Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ by cutting his luscious locks short for the wedding. Sad face) in a bangin' Great Gatsby-themed wedding - entirely produced and designed by her talented self, of course.

7. The Peak CEO Dinner Series
Call me Madame Social Butterfly. The night before Suanne's wedding - which began at 6am for us ji mui (bridesmaids or in Chinese: close friends of the bride whose job is to test the grooms and his heng tai worthiness before he 'collects' his intended) - I dined with some of Malaysia's most influential women at this season's The Peak CEO Dinner Series. Fine dining and fine company with a stunning view of the city: #SquadGoals. 
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8. A Breath of Fresh Air
A city-getaway at award-winning, eco-friendly, 5-star condominium development The Haven in Ipoh, Malaysia? Don't mind if I do. With fibre-optic broadband being my only connection to the outside world beyond sweeping virgin rainforest, mountains, and a 280 million-year old limestone giant, my short stay at The Haven Lakeside Residences was the breath of fresh air I desperately needed to push my button back to default factory setting.
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9. Money does buy you happiness
Whoever said otherwise simply doesn't know where to shop. Despite my best efforts at livin' minimal - sorry, Kondo-sensei - conspicuous consumption is one of those habits that die hard. Or not at all. I added a pair of Dior sunglasses and an Anya Hindmarch Bathurst satchel to my accessories collection, a seriously-slick South Korean skincare haul to my bathroom cabinet, and a spankin' new full frame camera to my blogging arsenal.

10. Interiors & home decor: my London bedroom makeover
There's only one thing to do when you're stuck at home with a raging flu and in serious danger of getting cabin-fever: redecorate the cabin. There's no better way to keep death from your doorstep than making a lot of noise at home and pretending you can't hear the Reaper knocking at the door. The makeshift gallery wall of IKEA bookcases you last saw in my Winter Nest have been replaced with...more IKEA bookcases, but these new ones are far more cohesive with the new grey and taupe colour scheme for my bedroom, plus the Liatorp actually fakes some sort of architectural detail, so... I'm also madly excited to level up to the Skye king size bed, paint all the metal fittings in my bedroom gold, and paint an accent wall in Farrow & Ball's comically-named Elephant's Breath.  
How was your month of November? Was it an affair to remember, or are you relieved that it's almost over? x

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