176 AVENUE, Bangsar: My one-stop beauty destination

November 23, 2015

All a busy lady's beautifying needs - hair, nails, lashes, and waxes - conveniently located in one industrial-chic Bangsar salon.

176 AVENUE, Bangsar: The Busy Woman's Beauty Salon

Get lashed. Nail it. Wax on, wax off. Hairway to Heaven. Whatever your aesthetic needs - mine include throwing bad beauty puns around, fortunately the staff at 176 Avenue chuckle politely at my terrible jokes even when everyone else is dying to strangle me with a hairdryer cord - this Swiss Army knife of a salon is the one-stop destination for busy women in need of beautification. 
My friend Jolyna and her enterprising business partners (their names all start with J - I'm in good company) recently opened 176 Avenue at Jalan Maroof, Bangsar opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre. It's since been mine and my friends' go-to place for manicures and pedicures, eyelash extensions, waxing, and hair services. Parking is ample for cars, bored spouses, and children: offload your offspring at the play area (upstairs in the nail spa), leave your other half to sip a freshly made coffee in the garden downstairs, and park your car downstairs on the premises (the staff will move your car for you if need be) or at Bangsar Shopping Centre just across the road.

Spot Michiekins and Mika in the Hair Soho window
The gorgeous icing on the cake? The interiors! I love the marble counter that greets guests as they walk into 176 Avenue, and especially the industrial-chic decor that so perfectly compliments the traditional shape of the building. The whole salon is bright and airy with an artist's loft feel that is refreshing and light yet relaxed. 

Of all the finishings, the most easily achievable way to 'steal the look' is this cluster of pendant lights. I adore the warm industrial decor! It's just the vibe I want for my London boutique Regimental Vintage

Jolyna (one of the 'lady bosses') and her hubs Chris who makes a mean latte - which I spilt all over myself in the garden. 
Sorry, Chris!

The garden has great potential (I pop out for a coffee and a cheeky cigarette) and would be even better with lemongrass bushes - fresh lemongrass tea, anyone?

Upstairs is Lash & Polish; the multitasking eyelash extensions, nail spa, and wax salon where you can get your lashes done while you have a mani-pedi. Multitasking, indeed...

The play area for children, upstairs at Lash & Polish. The toys and books were a good distraction for Baby Mika and bought Michiekins enough time to get a gel manicure in peace.

There is also a private room, separated from the rest of Lash & Polish by a curtain for Muslimah customers or anyone in need of 'me-time'.

I've been to Lash & Polish twice already, each time for a pedicure and a gel manicure. My first visit was my introduction to the wondrous, long-lasting world of gel nail polish - before that, I would chip my nails the moment I leave a salon and spend a whole week filling in the chips with polish before giving up and removing the whole damn thing. And now you know why I have such an extensive nail polish collection... Then I got my first gel manicure at 176 Avenue and was astounded by how my nail polish was bulletproof! Not a chip, not a dent, not a scratch - I only had the manicure removed three weeks later because a) I got bored of the colour, I've never had a single manicure last so long and b) my nails grew so quickly that the 'gap' between colour and cuticles were driving me mad. I'm officially a gel manicure convert!

SuAnne's 'Great Gatsby' Art Deco-inspired manicure for her wedding.
176 Avenue is a God-send for the cash-rich, time-poor lady. Even so, you don't have to be minted to get your nails done, get your pedicure, get your hair did - the prices at 176 Avenue are very reasonable. The saying goes "There are no such thing as ugly women, just lazy ones"...happily now even the laziest of the laziest like yours truly have found a place to just rock up and pay others to dutifully attend to my beautification, haha. Check out Hair Soho, Lash & Polish, and more at 176 Avenue! x

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