Be Zazzle-d: Making Holiday Snaps into Wall Art

September 23, 2015

I'll be damned if I let social media drive the printed photo to extinction - luckily, I have a 'conservation partner' in Zazzle!
I'm one to talk about endangering a species (ie. the practically-retro photo album) - I take thousands of photos when on holiday, but the hundred or so that make the cut only ever find their way on this blog. To be fair, my pictures are probably going to reach more eyeballs as pixels on the interwebs than printed in an album nobody is going to see because let's face it: introverts receive more guests online than in their precious fortresses of solitude. That said, I used to be my local printer's favourite customer - he'd know I've just been on holiday when I come in several shades browner and brandishing a flash drive, making a beeline for the 'print it yourself' kiosk. All my framed 6x4 snaps remain unseen at the risk of having a whole console decorated with pictures of myself scream: "Je suis un narcissique!". But every so often, there is a self-portrait that means so much to me that it simply deserves to be blown up and immortalised on canvas. I'm talking about this bad boy, here. Henry took this, my favourite portrait ever, when we were in the Russian town of Vladimir (the only decent thing that came out of that mind-numbing 3 hour drive from Moscow). I love this photo - not just for all the red I'm rocking, but also because it was a shot where I wasn't trying to pose yet he made me look - dare I say it - beautiful. More so than that, that photo meant to me that in his eyes, I look like the woman I want to be - poised and insouciant, with perfect red lips. I'm proud of that photo - it reminds me that my boyfriend is a much better photographer than I give him credit for, that I should be more relaxed when he points a camera at me and just trust him to catch me at the right moment. 

Zazzle: more than just photo gifts, but also a shopping portal for design and decor enthusiasts 

If you haven't snorted into and choked on your pumpkin spice latte from all my lyrical-wax (I know, I can be unbearable), thank you for putting up with me. Before the orchestra plays their 'get off the stage' cue I'd like to also thank Zazzle for immortalising my favourite portrait in canvas. I've seen Zazzle pop up in my many Google searches for smartphone covers, so I foolishly thought they only print photos , whether in the traditional glossy and canvas format, or on gifts ie. mugs, keyrings, and magnets. Jesse's blog post about Zazzle's wonderfully diverse stationary and homeware selection set me straight: Zazzle is also an online marketplace for creatives to design and sell their designs on paper goods, homeware, and accessories. Brainwave! Should I bring my design ideas to live and set up a Posh, Broke, & Bored shop on Zazzle?! You can expect a lot of marble, dwarf hamsters, and military prints...

Making my photo leap from screen to real life couldn't be easier - I simply uploaded a high-res photo to the Zazzle site, previewed it, picked the size I want then chose a material option (canvas stretched on a wood frame) before emailing my basket to the Zazzle team. A blink later and my new wall candy arrived - which I unwrapped to "It's alive! It's ALIVE!".

The process couldn't be more simple nor painless - a few clicks and a short wait later made me feel like an artist, when really Zazzle did all the hard work. There's really no excuse to let your favourite moments and holiday snaps live only in the digital cobwebs of your Facebook albums (web, see what I did there?) not when Zazzle can create your precious photos into photo prints, wrapped canvases, stickers, postcards, clothing...the list goes on. I've got a few ideas now: Regimental Vintage mugs and business cards? Posh, Broke, & Bored smartphone covers, stickers, and a tee emblazoned with my blog logo to wear to blogger events? Zazzle is my oyster, and you can be sure I'm eager to make as many pearls as my zealous little fingers can handle! x

*this blog post is a collaboration with Zazzle. But my opinions and all the obnoxious Posh, Broke, & Bored merchandise I'm going to create: all mine.

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