The 200 Club - World's Greatest Tasting Menu

August 24, 2015

Two hundred courses in 24 hours - why not? I'm in Moscow right now so I'm in the mood for 'more is more'...

Don't worry, I'm not defecting. I'm in Russia with family just to do the done things. You know - ride alongside unicycling-riding bears firing Kalashnikovs in the sky while eating Khlav Kalash (no bowl - stick, stick!) and downing vodka. I have no idea what to expect in the way of gastronomical offerings, although for my belated-birthday dinner (yeah, my 29th came and went last Thursday, and no one curr - not even me) my family are taking me to Turandot - a palatial Chinese-Japanese fusion restaurant so opulent it makes the Versailles look minimal. Intruuusting. I'm clueless about Russian cuisine, though I suspect there's a lot of potatoes and cabbage involved. When I return from St Petersburg on September 2nd  I might well be craving all sorts of food - so it's fortuitous that September 3rd is the day of 'The 200 Club'.

The 200 Club: 200 courses in 24 hours - the world's greatest tasting menu.

Barclays Bespoke Offers (one of my favourite portals for snagging great deals) have partnered with gastro geniuses Bompas & Parr to create an experiential event: 'The 200 Club'. This one-off event, running for 24 hours from 8am, Thursday 3rd September until 8am, Friday 4th September is the longest tasting menu in the world ever attempted - an eye-watering smorgasboard of 200 separate courses served over a whole day, prepared by eight top chefs including Angelo Sato, Joseph Wright, and Ramael Scully, to name a few. It's the ultimate foodie test and literally, a challenge of epic proportions (epic portions?). The 24 hour challenge for two, held at The Factory on Tanner Street in Bermondsey, will attract global attention - the brave souls who partake will appear in a multi-coloured video of the non-stop event as they work their way through the vibrant and creatively colour-coded menu - from Yellow Breakfast at 8am through to Green Lunch, Pink Dinner etc. The experience will culminate with the incredible Multicolour Final Countdown, and upon completion of the menu the plucky diners will receive a certificate with the title of Ultra Diner. The foodie's bragging-right to end all bragging-rights.

I know a lot of bloggers who call themselves foodies - to which I say, step up and take 'The 200 Club' challenge. I'd like to volunteer as tribute, but let's be real, I'm better at photographing food and taking a little taste of everything rather than eating it all. The sampling experience is more my style - 10 meals - each consisting of 20 exotic bite-sized dishes - from £49. All meals colour-coded in homage to Emperor Nero's monochrome meals so you can sure the plates are Instagram-worthy as well as gastronomically exciting. If you fancy a gastronomical adventure unlike any other, you can purchase tickets for the event at Bespoke Offers: either the ultimate dining experience for two, or choose from 10 meals sampling experience

This post is in collaboration with Bespoke Offers, but I'd have pimped it out anyway - an aesthetically pleasing reason to gorge myself silly? I'm in. x

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