Return to Ninth Ward (and the secret chocolate bacon burger)

August 22, 2015

For a minute let's stop pretending that 'social media freelancer' is the heaviest yoke to bear, and that we don't know that when bloggers say 'meeting' they really mean 'me eating'.

Pre-Regimental Vintage proprietorship, my CV read 'freelance illustrator and lifestyle blogger' . A truly candid resumé would also say 'Lady of leisure. Work experience and skills: utilising wifi-enabled cameras to diligently post carefully composed Instagrams, pretending to be busy, and defending own privilege'. Funny how I can only 'fess up to it now that I'm busting my ass working 9 hour days in my East London boutique, then sourcing out more vintage treasures, squeeze in an event or establishment to review followed by working on Posh, Broke, & Bored, before passing out in bed, shoes still on. I've turned into that other breed of blogger - the one that juggles a full-time job/owns a business, yet somehow manages to blog at least twice a week. 

Detractor or supporter, friend or foe, I'm sure you can agree with me that my labourious undertakings of late deserve at least some sort of treat. A delicious, meaty, bacon-covered treat of a burger slathered in rich, sweet, warm chocolate sauce. That would be the new chocolate bacon burger on Ninth Ward's secret menu, which I simply had to reward myself with yesterday. More on that in a bit. You've read my review of Ninth Ward, London's latest (and best) New Orleans themed restaurant-and-bar, so you know that I can't get enough of dem sweet N'awlins flavours, authentic and cozy decor, and serious Southern ambience.

I'm happy to see that Ninth Ward is heaving with people (these photos were taken during the lunch hour rush) and that no seat was left unchristened by buttocks - I really, really do love Ninth Ward. I fiercely champion my favourite establishments and have a 'relationship' with them (mostly warm, fuzzy feelings and mad loyalty)

So, what does one order when at Ninth Ward? Sadly, the crayfish plate is no longer in season, but I hear great things about the beer-braised mussels (something to try the next time I'm there). I plumped for the ever-photogenic burnt courgette salad from the vegetarian 'Hippies' menu, the dangerously fiery 'Slap Yo Mama' chicken wings, baked oysters, and of course, from the secret menu - the chocolate and bacon burger.

Even a resolute salad-dodger would agree that the roasted courgettes, mixed with spring onion, avocado and pomegranates, dressed with fresh lemon and olive oil is a sight to behold. I can tell you that it tastes as good as it looks - a bit of sweet, a dash of creamy, oh-so-refreshing, and just the right amount of burnt.

The 'oh no they did NOT call it that' dish - the Slap Yo Mama hot wings, made with house bleu hot sauce. As wickedly hot as they are divisively named - can you tell from the sticks of cooling celery on the side? Definitely one for lovers of fiery food.

The baked Maldon oysters are a new addition to Ninth Ward's seafood menu. Freshly shucked, then cooked in Bloody Muddy Mary sauce and grilled to perfection, they were especially good with green tabasco sauce and a drizzle of lemon. One for oyster lovers and even tentative diners who can't stomach the thought of raw oysters.

Beautiful, aren't they?

And finally, the beast of a burger that I came to seek out from Ninth Ward's elusive secret menu...

...the bacon chocolate burger.

An already juicy beef patty soaked in warm, rich chocolate sauce that dripped everywhere, topped with crispy bacon and sandwiched between fluffy brioche buns. Ugh, this was incredible - the strange combination of savoury and sweet, moreish yet too-rich. It was impossible to finish the burger, not that it stopped me from trying! The chocolate bacon burger would've been more manageable if it was a third smaller and came with a wee side of sweet potato fries to dip in the chocolate sauce.

Which is exactly what I did. Who knew you could improve sweet potato fries? Chocolate is always the answer.

Seafood - check. Colourful salads - check. Fiery meats - check. The most decadent savoury and sweet burger this side of London - check. All washed down with a mint julep - aww hell yes. Do you  now understand why I love Ninth Ward so much? See for yourself - get your fix of New Orleans at Farringdon - you can find Ninth Ward London at 99-101 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3BN. x

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