Ultimate Ears UE ROLL - The GoPro of speakers?

July 30, 2015

A wireless, waterproof, life-resistant, 'go anywhere' pint-sized powerhouse of a speaker - sounds (hehe) about right.

I've always maintained that I'm the resolutely sedentary sort, the kind of person whose idea of 'outdoorsy' equals sipping cocktails on a roof terrace then screaming and running back indoors when said cocktail attracts bees. Lately, I find my lifestyle shifting ever so subtly toward the great outdoors - whether it's hiking in a tropical national park or seeking out Borneo's endangered species. My arsenal is looking to include a shatter and water-proof camera (albeit one with a swivel screen for selfies - don't worry I haven't completely lost my sense of self). It makes sense that I'm expanding my collection of Bluetooth speakers to include one that can take a splashing and battering - a speaker that is, in the words of Ultimate Ears, 'life-resistant'.

I've heard curious things about the new UE ROLL ahead of its release, so it was with great interest that I went to the launch at the rooftop beach of Camden Roundhouse to see this pint-sized music powerhouse in action.

The view from the party, overlooking the urban beach of Camden's Roundhouse. Some would find it strange to see a rooftop beach in a capital city, but not me - you're talking to a Sky beach enthusiast who expects this sort of thing to be included in a list of apartment mod-cons. 

Bright pops of colour in the poolside accessories to distract from the tepid weather that evening - where has Summer gone? Replaced by grey clouds and a strangely frost humidity...

...not that a indecisive 'is it summer or is it not' climate ever stopped Londoners from getting wet and wild.

The proof is in the pudding - UE ROLL speakers gently bobbing about like jellyfish in the hot tub on their floats, oblivious to being splashed, soaked, dunked, and flung about.

Painfully cute cupcakes frosted to look like the UE ROLL. Like the speakers, they were tiny and packed a punch - a sugary punch.
Being overwhelmed by the beats at the launch. 

I went home with my very own UE ROLL (in volcano black-and-red!). While I won't be bungee-jumping, mutton-busting, or rhino-wrestling anytime soon, the UE Roll is a very welcome addition to my collection of speakers for every occasion. The occasion may be less 'surfing in Hawaii' and more 'shower Karaoke' but either way, I welcome the speaker's "unapologetically awesome, loud, crisp 360-degree sound with deep bass and incredible beats". All I need for the ultimate bath party is more Ultimate Ears speakers, to all be linked via the UE ROLL app so I can have the entire Fantasia orchestra in the shower with me. 

Get your UE ROLL by Ultimate Ears from John Lewis at £99.95. This post is supported, but not sponsored by Ultimate Ears.

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