Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo

July 26, 2015

Horses and hijinks. Ponies and polo. Luxy and luxury. And a whole lot of hospitality from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

A week ago it was a gloriously warm and sun-soaked Sunday in Cowdray Park (quite unlike the state of London outside my window as I type this - slate grey skies, hypnotising showers of rain tempting me back to bed) where Luxy and I attended the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup (British Open), "regarded and revered as the pinnacle of the English high-goal polo season for both players and patrons". I'm neither player not patron, just a lucky guest of Jaeger-LeCoultre Malaysia who I can't thank enough for their hospitality and making sure their British counterparts took good care of myself and Luxy. From the very thoughtful VIP parking pass that meant we parked right beside the pitch, but unfortunately had a cringy catch: our special snowflake badge made Luxy blush (and me sink ever deeper into the seats of the Luxmobile) when one of the ushers practically megaphone-announced to the entire car park: "OI LOOK ERE BOYS, THEY GOT ONE O' THEM POSH ONES!" (Oh my God whyyyy), to our customised Panama-hats (a lovely little slice from South America, as each hat is hand-made in Equador), to say nothing of the delicious tea-time spread; Summer Garden mocktails (elderflower, apple, and cucumber mmm), passionfruit meringues, gorgeous sandwiches and 'vaguely healthy' carrot cupcakes; and of course lashings of champagne for me, the designated drinker.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre hospitality tent. Very civilised. Last year, Luxy and I watched the Gold Cup from the Veuve-Clicquot hospitality area (the previous longstanding sponsors) which had a casual vibe and certainly none of these mod-cons: sofas, skylights, and afternoon tea (plus waiters who run after you with parasols to keep you shaded!) This year is Jaeger-LeCoultre's first as sponsors of the Gold Cup - although they've always been the official timekeepers for the polo grounds - you could tell they were keen to impress from the impeccable service and very elegant furnishings.

Sweet, blessed parasols. I don't know what's wrong with me; I only enjoy the sun when I'm indoors or in the shade. My favourite thing about the sun is complaining that there's too much of it. I'm so Asian, it hurts... *slathers on suncream*

Three things are certain when Luxy and I get together; endless selfies (with the silent understanding that necessary narcissism is to be supported by loving friends), juicy gossip, and general swanning around, basking in the glory of being, well, us. "Luxy, I'm just going to lie here and bask in the sun...and my beauty." *kicks off shoes and fans self with hat* "As you do, Jasiminne..."

That's me, pretending to be engrossed in chasing divots when really, I was more interested in chasing other people's dogs (and cuddling them)... 

...especially these two beautiful cavalier spaniels, the black one whose ears I stroked and exclaimed: "You have the same hair as meeeeeeee!"

Fun facts about Cowdray Park, the Gold Cup, and general horsing around: 

1. Cowdray Park is internationally acclaimed as the home of British polo - the game's been played there since 1910.  
2. Cowdray Park played an important role in re-establishing polo in England following the war thanks to the efforts of John, 3rd Viscount of Cowdray. The Gold Cup itself started when an Argentine farmer, Antonio Heguy came over to England on holiday with three of his friends (and a boatload of home-bred horses, as one does) at the invitation of Lord Cowdray  to play in his new tournament. The rest is history - the Gold Cup has since seen action from the creme de la creme of business, aristocracy, and the greatest polo playing dynasties from South America.  
3. The Gold Cup celebrates its 50th birthday next year as the most important single polo tournament played outside Argentina.  
4. Polo horses are called 'ponies' not just because it's darn adorable, but in reference to their agility. Thoroughbreds and Arabians are popular, although Henry knows I live to see the day dwarf hamsters play polo on the backs of guinea pigs.

...and finally, fact 6: where there is polo, there you will find Luxy and I, horsing around.

Thank you Jaeger-LeCoultre for inviting us to enjoy the Gold Cup at your hospitality. See you next year! x

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  1. Loved the fascinating facts, and it seems that Jaeger-LeCoultre have really done this in style. Hope you got to keep the hats! I've just got one for Paul as part of his birthday

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist