Interiors: My Summer Reading Nook.

July 03, 2015

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my attempt to DIY air-con with a fan and a bowl of frozen carrots to beat Wednesday's heatwave (the carrots went soggy in ten minutes and were made into soup). A better-executed idea was to make a reading nook in the coolest room in my home - the master bedroom.

Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian decor, I decluttered my bedside console and kept the colour palette sparse; mostly monochrome with a few pops of colour in the form of greenery (both living and in the form of this season's trending banana leaf print), antlers, and prints from Great Little Place. My antler-shaped candle holder (a brilliant TKMaxx find) compliments the real antlers on the wall. The antlers, together with my mushroom-print enamel mug and cacti in a bell jar add to the subtle 'natural history' element of my nook. I've switched out my heavy duvet and fur throws of my winter nest for breathable linen. My taupe bedding is a bit more interesting and less high-maintance than plain white sheets, also the more slept-in they look the better - linen is just made to be crumpled! Throw some divine scents (Diptyque, Yankee Candle, and Byredo are firm favourites), a cold drink in my mug, and my favourite new lifestyle read Cereal Magazine onto a tray; et voila: the perfect 'book mobile'. 

Great Little Place, an online store specialising in prints of London, Great Britain (and beyond) gifted me two of their charming graphic prints to choose from, and I picked 'Weird and Wonderful Restaurants of The World' and 'Have You Ever?' to adorn my nook with. I thought I was well-travelled but I've not been to any of the restaurants mentioned in the first print, and I've only ever done thirteen of the London 'things to do' illustrated 'Have You Ever'. Oh, the shame... These prints remain propped, at eye level, on my console in my reading nook as a reminder to get out more and also as a 'Wanderlust aid'. Just the nudge I need to collect more stamps on my passport...

Shop the look:
Great Little Place 'Weird and Wonderful Restaurants of The World' and 'Have You Ever?' prints // Bourgie lamp // Antler candle holder // Bell jar (1) (2) // Banana leaf cushion covers // Mushroom enamel mug

I just can't get enough of my nook - by daytime, the light from my floor-to-ceiling window is perfect for reading, and at night I prop my pillows against the console table to face my new iMac on my desk for Netflix movie marathons. It's my new favourite spot in my home, now that my balcony is overrun with pigeons who keep pillaging my plants, and it remains cool in summer with nary a frozen carrot in sight. Have you made yourself a little summer nook in your home? What's your favourite place to vegetate (haha, carrots, vegetate) when it gets too hot outside? Show me - I love a good snoop into others' homes! x

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  1. SuperHelenaJuly 03, 2015


    Awesome pics and design ideas, Jasmine! You make me wish I could decorate my room too (but can't cos I'm just a lodger T_T)

    Helena's Teabreak

  2. This is so cute...I took a look, I haven't been to any of the restaurants either!

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. Ideas for a new travel series?! x


    There are lots of ways to get around decorating a rental! I let out my flat, and I'm ok with people hanging stuff or painting walls as long as they patch up the holes and repaint when they move out. Most landlords will be ok with it to, if you explain that you'll 'restore to factory settings' when your lease it up! Just ask! x

  5. I didn't know about the frozen carrots, the mind boggles! Love the look of the tray - I have a Summer bedspread to ring the changes

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  6. This is such a dream! I adore those cushion covers, looks like you have such a wonderful little space x

    Martha Jane |

  7. SUze, isn't switching out bedding every season such a treat? I come from a country with no changing seasons, so have different bedding for different times of the year really is a novelty. x