Smooth Operator - My Summer skin essentials

June 15, 2015

Smooth summer skin with Nair's new Natural Hair Argan Oil collection.

If beauty is skin deep, you can be sure I'm taking good care of my epidermis especially now that it’s bare limbs-season. My mother always says about beauty: “Good skin is half the battle won” and she’s right - the lady looks at least 10 years younger thanks to a thorough regimen of sunblock, lotions, and potions. Nothing ages a woman more than bad skin, and more than ruin one’s looks; sun damaged, dry, coarse skin is just downright dangerous. Tans may be a la mode, with golden brown texture like sun being the shade for summer, but that’s no reason to prematurely age and look like a leather handbag. That said, there’s no need to keep the 200 Deniers on in summer — after the bitter winter nights we’ve had, we’re all keen to feel the sun's kiss on our skin. When it comes to smooth summer skin, preparation is essential, so allow me to introduce my beauty essentials...

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Nair Argan Oil - my summer skin essential

I’ve been using Nair ever since I could grow hair on my legs. Truth be told, I haven’t got much body hair to go by in the first place (hooray, East Asian genes!) but you know me, I’m a perfectionist. For me, hair removal is less of a necessity than a luxury I treat myself to in warmer weather. What is an unfortunate post-winter concern is dry skin in desperate need of a buffing and polishing. My horrified gasps as I finally peel off my tights at the first sign of summer is surely echoed by countless women confronted by the glimpse of legs that haven’t seen the sun (and the razor) in months. I absolutely refuse to shave, not wanting to risk my fine hairs growing back coarser and darker, not to mention faster, so wax it is. Waxing also has the added benefit of exfoliating — I get such a twisted glee from waxing my legs and checking the used strips for bits of dried skin finally repatriated to where they belong — off my limbs and stuck to wax strips, before being banished to the distant memory of when bitter cold made my skin form crusty scales for protection against the elements (or rather, as a result of neglect...)

Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo Del Sur, Cuba

Feeling like a Smooth Operator in Cayo Largo Del Sur. Read my Cuba blog posts here.

Nair Argan Oil - my summer skin essential

Be a Smooth Operator - get #SkinByNair with Nair Natural Hair Argan Oil 

Getting silky smooth skin for summer couldn’t be easier with the new Natural Hair Argan Oil collection from Nair. My must-have are the body wax strips. Each box comes with 20 wax strips infused with Argan oil (which for me is just enough for both my legs and arms). My summer skin makeover begins with wiping my limbs with the cooling pre-wipes that come with the box. Next, I prepare the wax by rubbing the trips between my hands until the Nair logos on the strips disappear, before separating the strips and getting down to business. I’ve tried many body wax strips and every other one has made me shake the birds off the trees with my screams, but ripping off these Nair Argan Oil strips is positively painless (what sorcery is this?). After the deed is done, I treat my now glowing skin with the moisturising post-wipes. A spritz of SPF comes next (to protect my newly-smooth limbs) then a coat of shimmer with dry oil for the icing on the cake.

I’ve been rolling on the argan oil bandwagon for a while when it comes to haircare, and it’s only polite to extend the same courtesy to my skin. After all, if I derive great pleasure from running my fingers through my silky locks wouldn’t it make sense to get that same ‘aaaaaaah’ feeling from stroking my limbs? The skin is after all the largest organ of the human body — and a smooth epidermis is the perfect backdrop for showing off my summer wardrobe and makeup (nothing makes a palm-print bikini pop like buttery-soft, glowing skin)The new Natural Hair Argan Oil collection’s unique formula is a game changer for body hair removal. The natural, restorative properties of Argan Oil works effectively (and practically painlessly) to remove even short hairs from the body and face, leaving skin you (and your other half) can’t stop keeping your hands off. Want to be a smooth operator? Find out more about the Natural Hair Argan Oil collection on the Nair website, here. x

*this blog post is a collaboration with Nair, but all opinions and orgasmic-inducing anecdotes of silky smooth skin are my own.

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  1. Thx for sharing :D You looks stunning on that beautiful beach!!

    Just published my latest post about my travel, please feel free to check it out :)

  2. Sara DoucetteJune 15, 2015

    Nair products are amazing - I'm now using an Argan Oil shower cream, less painful and avoids the terrible razor burns!

    Looking like a hot mama on those beach photos, woop woop!

    Sara Hello The Mushroom

  3. Razor burns - SHUDDER! I tried shaving once and the next day it felt like my skin was on fire (and not in a good Deep Heat way). Never again - Nair all the way! x

  4. This post is so summery, and has that feel-good vibe! I absolutely love anything with Agran Oil in. I use it for my hair and body, so the Nair body wax strips sound amazing. Although waxing is painful.:(


  5. chocolatecookiesandcandiesJune 15, 2015

    *wolf-whistle* You look amazing, Jasiminne! You know what? I've yet to own a bikini. I've been reading your posts and am just blown away by the beautiful photos.

  6. Thank you Marlene! Wait, what, you've never bought a bikini?! Let's go shopping, NOW! x

  7. Waxing with the Nair Argan Oil strips isn't actually painful! Practically painless compared to normal waxing strips! x

  8. Catherine LuxJune 16, 2015

    TAKE ME BACK TO CUBA RIGHT NOW! We're going back in January!? Yes!? I miss it so much!

    C x | Lux Life

  9. Yes! Let's go for Biennale. Afterward Henry and I are going to carry on to East Cuba - try and get the time off work to come with! x

  10. Such a beautiful post! I'm feeling super summery now and can't wait to get my travel makeup bag ready to jet off!

    Jasmine |