Let's Play 'Blogger Bingo'! 15 Blog & Flatlay Clichés

May 07, 2015

Once upon a blessed time, I was blissfully ignorant of social media and blogging trends. Until I got myself on Bloglovin AND on Pinterest, then all hell broke loose. 

At first I noticed a pattern among bloggers I followed, then it became a full out parade of identikit stylings to the point where I thought I’d been drinkin' from the crazy barrel. I've scrapped my feeds down to just a few choice reads yet there’s no escape - my ‘Explore’ feeds are flooded with these repeated trends. Most of these are from beauty bloggers (because there’s only so many different ways can you style a handful of lipsticks) and ‘motivational blogs' (you know, how to be an expert on X and Y). To be fair, I’ve been guilty of at least *counts* 9 of these 15 blogger cliches. All the same, I’m glad I’ve noticed the prevalence of these overplayed trends because now my evening and morning Bloglovin scrolls are a fun game of BINGO! Play with me...


Blogger Bingo - Blog and Flatlay Cliches
  • // 1 // Marble. Possibly Carrera. Probably faux.
  • // 2 // Flowers. Watch out for the peonies in summer!
  • // 3 // Edge of Macbook with iPhone 6 or iPad on top. 
  • // 4 // Twee Kate Spade inspired stationery (Plus points if real Kate Spade)
  • // 5 // Washi tape (I have 13 rolls of washi tape in its own dedicated drawer, oops)
  • // 6 // Fashion magazine - Vogue, Porter, Elle. Never something unglamorous like Incontinence Monthly
  • // 7 // Nail polish or lipstick casually scattered for effect. 
  • // 8 // Sheepskin throw. I'm sitting on one right now!
  • // 9 // Legs. Or hotdogs, I can’t be sure.
  • // 10 // Jo Malone or Diptyque candle.
  • // 11 // Succulents. 'Nuff said.
  • // 12 // Random accessories - rings, jewellery, a Daniel Wellington watch. Probably rose gold.
  • // 13 // Macarons. Why it is always Laduree? Does Laduree have an insidious monopoly on the market?
  • // 14 // It by 'Alexa Chung, #GirlBoss, Not That Kind Of Girl or any pink 'BAWSE! INSPIRING! MUSE!' book.
  • // 15 // Open diary instructing: “Drink your coffee after you've Instagrammed it!  Buy more peonies! 
I’ve been guilty of 9 of these, how about you? Share in the comments which blog clichés you've been seduced by. Take a minute or two to play "Blogger & Flatlay Bingo" then tell me how quickly you got BINGO! Or better still, get a few blogger friends involved and see who wins first! x

ps. please ignore the occasional crack in my new blog layout, it's a work in progress! x


  1. Hehehe, Ive noticed this too. The bright white flatlay with flowers on marble. I know it looks good, but when everyone is doing the same thing, it doesnt set one apart. Im always trying to think of ways of doing things differently :)

  2. I'm almost guilt free, an empty house for me (I have a succulent but no photos of him). But then I'm not a beauty blogger and so my flat lays are normally food or books (not the blogger cliche books mentioned though so no Mecca dobbing for me there).

    I must admit that too many blogger cliches totally turn me off, I'd much rather see someone be original. Plus, I'm not sure I can relate to someone who has the time to pile all their Pinteresty stuff into a square space on the floor just to take a photo of it. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  3. I *wish* I could relate to someone who has the time spending the better half of the day styling their personal effects for social media, but right now I can't - maybe one day, eh?

    What's your succulent's name? DOn't shoot me for being a giant cliche, but I really want to get a few tiny ones and have them clustered under a bell jar. x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  4. I'm getting flower and marble fatigue to be honest! Which is a shame because I love them both. x

  5. Oooh I'm *almost* guilt free, probably cos I'm not a beauty, fashion or style blogger, the occasional macaron has definitely crept into my Instagram feed though!

    Lots of love,


    SilverSpoon London

  6. Well spotted, Jasiminne! I'm fairly guilt free because I tend to do any shoots outdoors for optimal lighting. Have to admit that I actually like most of these styling effects and I've got a few photos of flowers and macaroon on Instagram

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  7. Ahahah this is so perfect! xD


  8. I'm guilty as sin, baby! Lock me up and throw away the key, I'm pretty sure I've done all of these. Maybe not washi tape or the rug. And I'm not even a beauty blogger. I don't know man, there's something about flowers that make my #humpdaytreat pics really pop.

  9. When we get locked up, can we be cellmates?!! x

  10. Thanks Anna! But you need to tell us - which blogger cliches are you guilty of? ;) x

  11. Suze I've noticed that most 'outdoorsy' bloggers tend to be 'innocent' of Blogger Bingo; although flowers, marble, and macarons ALWAYS find a way back into our photos! (I just instagrammed something on a marble table, ugh!) x

  12. As much as I knock macarons, I must admit they're very pretty and fun to photograph! I wonder what the next Blogger Favourite pastry will be! x

  13. Nancy WildeMay 08, 2015

    What a brilliant post! I am quite intrigued with the marble (?). Succulents are pretty! Botanic shit \m/
    Macarons are not that delicious... If compared to cheesecake, salted caramel cookies, etc... Macarons are so overrated. But oh well, they're pastel and pretty x) Being a successful blogger sounds like an investment - time, money and will. I'm a sucker for scented candles though. xx


  14. Nancy, being a blogger DOES require such an investment! That's why it's a serious labour of love. Any excuse to buy succulents and DIY faux-marble table tops, eh? x

  15. This is very true, I have seen this in many blogs. I haven't actually done the standard blog clich

  16. Esme MadelineMay 08, 2015

    Painfully honest! I'm 100% guilty to seven... oops... and my photos NEVER look like the Pinterest-perfect ones! :) haha x
    Esme | esmemadeline.blogspot.com

  17. Join the club Esme! Let's plaaaaay BINGO! x

  18. Laura we need to style a composition with ALL FIFTEEN of these blogger cliches! The internet would implode! x

  19. Haha, this is so true! I'm guilty of a few, like casually scattered lipsticks and flowers, right next to a fashion magazine!
    People love these though - they definitely work for Instagram!

    Anne-Sophie - www.citycookie.co.uk

  20. Donna DybleMay 20, 2015

    OMG! I needed incontinence monthly after i'd read this. SO FUNNY! As a new blogger i haven't done any of these yet but admit i've been excited to get round to doing them as i loved seeing them as a blog reader(I KNOW!)

  21. Love this! Hey every profession has its "stuff". Glad to see Beauty Blogging is no exception. Off to buy more peonies and macarons as we speak. ;)

  22. Oh dear, do I win a boobie prize for not hitting any?! But I'm all about the food which probably explains it lol though I see a lot of food trends that I have been (or tried) guilty of- overhead table, sauce pour, strategically placed cutlery and napkin...