What's In My Handbag: Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

March 11, 2015

I'm a huge fan of Louis Vuitton and especially their collaboration collections. I've shown you my piece from their Christian Louboutin collaboration and one of my handbags from the Yayoi Kusama collection, and on Monday I blogged about my other Yayoi Kusama handbag which I dubbed 'The Ladybird' for its delightful yellow polka-dotted body. Since my last What's In My Handbag post I've updated the contents of my purse with some lovely floral additions for Spring, so I thought I'd do another handbag post and introduce you properly to Ladybird.

The Ladybird sports (spots?) Yayoi Kusama's signature polka dot motif, which the 85-year old Japanese artist paints to calm her obsessive feelings and fear from her visual and auditory hallucinations caused by terrifying experiences. Kusama-sensei's dots and webs are a central feature of her work which expresses her feeling of revolving 'in the infinity of endless time and the absoluteness of space' and her view of herself as 'a dot lost among a million other dots'. She explains - "A polka-dot has the form of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life, and also the form of the moon, which is calm. Round, soft, colorful, senseless and unknowing. Polka dots become movement…Polka dots are a way to infinity.” Beauty born of madness, manifested in art which I have the privilege to adorn myself with thanks to the collaborative efforts of my favourite French luggage label.

Yayoi Kusama's art helps her confront and control her fears. In the same way that it gives her hope, her optimistic yellow with polka dot motif sums up the hopeful nature of Spring and it's promise of sunnier, longer days.

Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet in 'magnolia' epi leather (gifted) 
H&M floral and striped notebooks, floral pencil case, and glasses case 
Dior note book (gifted), customised 
Burger & Lobster travel card holder
Chanel Smoking Kills' iPhone 6 case 
'CHANEL' iPad mini case 
Chanel face powder 
Burt's Bees tinted lip balm 
Avène Thermal spring water 
Crabtree & Evelyn 'Rosewater' hand cream 
Diptyque 34 Boulevard St. Germain fragrance 

While I love my Yayoi Kusama Neverfull for its versatility and ease, my Louboutin shopping tote for its audacious studs and bold signature red, of my three Louis Vuitton collaboration handbags the Ladybird is undoubtedly the statement bag thanks to its unmissable yellow and unabashed childlike polka dot pattern - it always draws curious looks and eyeballs from both fashionistas and children alike!

If you had to choose between these three Louis Vuitton collaboration handbags, which would you carry? The Yayoi Kusama Neverfull tote, the Christian Louboutin shopping tote, or The Ladybird? x

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  1. I definitely prefer the Ladybird. Went to the Yayoi Kusama exposition in Tate a few years ago. Loved itt very much! :-)
    Your handbags look really heavy though. :-)

    1. They are, Laure! My handbag weights like a sack of bricks :( x

  2. I was staring at that mobile phone case before reading your list of what's in the bag and I could not for the life of me figure out what it is! It's gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Kate - I love it so much, wish there was an iPad mini version! x

  3. This is beautiful. You know how much I love the Yayoi x LV collab.

  4. I'm not a fan of polka dots but for some strange reason, the Ladybird bag is the most attractive to me. Btw, love that Chanel Smoking Kills iPhone case, that is so unique and it's the first I see it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Henry is on TV! http://www.sbs.com.au/sbsinternational/programs/hipsters

    1. hahaha which episode is he in?

    2. Dang, I don't think I can watch it because I'm in the UK - do you know if I can watch it elsewhere, or if someone has a login I can borrow? x

  6. The Chanel smoking kills case is really creative. I honestly thought they were genuinely cigarettes from Chanel at first.😂