Tropicana The Residences - The Reason I'm Back in Kuala Lumpur!

March 20, 2015

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!

I’ve flown to and from Malaysia so many times in the past month (I just got off my 9th flight to/from Malaysia this month - my 10th is in just over a week) that’s it’s not even funny anymore. I’ve memorised the contents of the March issue of Going Places (Malaysia Airlines’ in-flight magazine) and I’ve watched all the movies, documentaries, and TV shows on board. 'Yap, yap, yap (or should that be Yip, Yip, Yip?), cry me a river…’ Seriously though, today my pain is real - I’ve barely slept in the last 48 hours. The night before my flight neither Henry and I could sleep, so we stayed up all night playing this game where he writes words on my back with his finger and I have to guess them (I have a 80% success rate!). At dusk, about two hours before I had to leave for the airport I started to get sleepy, so Henry drank a gallon of coffee to stay awake so he could watch over me while I slept, wake me up on time, then accompany me to the airport so that I wouldn’t miss my flight. 

Right about now I can hear singletons and office-slaves sharpening their pitchforks, so before the mob lynches me, can I just say that it’s not all love and leisure? I’m in Malaysia for a work trip, not a holiday, and besides, I’m only staying for ten days - just enough time to fulfil my work commitments and my social duties. Let’s see, in the next 10 days there’s Nuffnang’s 8th birthday party at Zouk (The dress code is 1960’s and I’ve got the perfect Pucci dress waiting to make its debut!), Tropicana The Residences Global Launch, the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix Gala ball, a TPC (Tropicana Privilege Card) members cocktail night, bridesmaid duties, catching up with family and friends, and of course mummy’s birthday shindig the week after. I will also be making trips to K.L in August and in November - at this rate I might as well get my own property here in K.L. My parents would certainly approve; any tangible purchases I make in Malaysia, they see as roots I’m laying down di tanah tumpahnya darahku* - and which doting Malaysian Chinese parents doesn’t want their wandering children to spend more time in their home country?

* My native land - literally ‘The land where my blood is spilt’. The second line from Negaraku, the national anthem. An appropriate pun, yah?

It’s just as well (more so for my parents than for me) that the reason for this short Malaysian rendezvous is property-related.

Tropicana flew me from London to Kuala Lumpur for the Global Launch of their glitzy new The Residences by Tropicana. A shining icon of luxury above Malaysia’s first W Hotel, The Residences is the new covetable address for the affluent and aspirational. Located on top of the W Hotel from the 25th to the 53rd floor, The Residences has a unparalleled view of the sparkling cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur and that of its icon - the Petronas Twin Towers. 

An artist's rendition of the entrance of The Residences.

The lobby.

The 'Sky Forest' - a modern twist on the 'bringing the outdoors, indoors' take, and a reference to Kuala Lumpur as a green, tropical city.

I’m loving the purples, plums, and pinks - such vibrant, energetic, and virile colours.

The infinity pool in the sky.

While I’ve always liked the traditional, crumbling ‘dusty European’ look for a family home (think an old gothic house full of bats), my perfect city pad needs to be modern to match the fast pace of my hectic lifestyle. Traditionalism is forgone for modernity, for now at least - we are looking to the future! We can celebrate the past when we’re a little older. Right now I’m young, crazy, and want to take over the world, so convenience is key. By which I mean location, 5* hotel-quality amenities, and the 'wow factor' - after all one has to dress for the job. All of which Tropicana The Residences delivers; with its proximity to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers; facilities like the infinity pool, sky forest, and sky room; and of course the dizzying price tag means that The Residences will be a hive buzzing with the city’s most discerning and style-conscious trendsetters who want to be wowed by the finer things in life.

Being a Malaysian development, you can count on the apartments to already be furnished with clever layouts, seamless and subtle but highly effective storage solutions, and that everything will be finished to the highest standard - all you have to do is move in your personal effects and make the place truly yours! 

A living room mood board I made a while ago. I’m really vibing the ‘Natural History’ feel - taxidermy butterflies and beetles, minerals; marble, malachite, amethyst etc, animal and plant lamp bases, and of course a real life dwarf hamster. I think it’s important to balance a very-modern living space with some natural, or at least nature-inspired elements. What do you think, would my 'natural history-inspired' picks bring a nice, earthy balance to the sleek modernity of The Residences?

Photos from the Tropicana Residences VIP Preview Dinner last Friday, which I missed because of work. Serious FOMO (fear of missing out), guys!

I said I couldn’t sleep on the flight from London (well, I got a total of six hours, on and off) and I got I made a collage of what I might wear to the Tropicana The Residences Global Launch tomorrow. 

I ordered this lovely gown from Lexi Lyla in Singapore and I'm hoping it'll be here in time for tomorrow. I had a grand time picking two sets of accessories (blue and yellow gold, or cream and rose gold?) and then realised that Net-a-Porter and Outnet doesn’t do next day delivery to Malaysia. Oh well, to Pavillion it is! 

Will I be seeing you glitteratis and fashionistas tomorrow evening at the Tropicana The Residences Global Launch, at Marini’s on 57? I hope so! I'd love a big hug to welcome me back to Kuala Lumpur. x

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  1. MichiekinsMarch 20, 2015

    YES! and you get a property at THE RESIDENCE? prerrrtttyyyyyyyyy pleaseeeeee!!!

  2. Eeeek! Get some sleep girl! Have fun tomorrow night! XX

    Lauren xx

  3. Wow that place is everything! Love the colours and I could spend hours in the sky garden!! Also, that aqua table in your mood board is amazing. Have an amazing trip.

    Rosie xx

  4. Michiekiiiiins will you help me look after it when I'm in London? x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  5. Lauren OMG I am so tired - it's nearly 10pm here and I've been on my feet all day!

    Thank you, hope you're well hun! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  6. PS - how do you do your name and blog link like that!?

  7. You were every bit stunning in your dress! Superduper lovely to have met you, Posh, Broke, & Bored! ;D Sorry I didn't really get a chance to chat. I saw your time was quite taken up by my colleague Adele. Heh. Hopefully next time? And you have to hear of the Monte Carlo pact Michie and I made. xx

  8. So lovely to finally meet you in person! I overhead a bit of that Monte Carlo pact - I'm going to ask Michiekins about it when I see her today! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  9. I've met you once before.. At FMFA! In the Asahi tent. Lol!!