PANDORA Valentine's Collection and The Wishing Tree

February 09, 2015

Twelve dozen red roses with a hand-written card, a sexy slip from La Perla, a gorgeous red Saint Laurent clutch... Ladies, put your immaculately manicured hands up if you have high expectations this Valentine's Day but just know that without your outright instruction, your well-meaning but clueless men are going to just grab the first box of chocolates they see on their evening beer run.

Myself, all I want for Valentine's Day is for Henry to spend Chinese New Year with me, so I arranged for him to fly to Kuala Lumpur and Borneo, called the flights his birthday present, and even threw in two pairs of shoes for hiking in the jungle as part of my Valentine's Day gift to him - because his happiness is my happiness. See! The key to receiving the gifts you want is to get involved in the gifting process and outright tell the gifter what you want - leave no room for error! - and PANDORA have done just that with their new app for Valentine's Day - The Wishing Tree.

PANDORA have taken all of the guesswork out of gifting with The Wishing Tree - an enchanted magnolia tree fluttering with Valentine's messages. You simply write a heartfelt message to your loved one, tell them a bit about your jewellery preferences - by choosing your favourite metal, jewellery style and how you wear it - and PANDORA will send your wish to your Valentine with some suggestions from the Valentine’s Collection.

My favourite thing about The Wishing Tree is reading messages and wishes from other people to their lovers, friends, and family - there are some really sweet, touching, tearjerkers there! 

My Valentine's wishes to Henry, with a not so subtle link for him to grant one of my shiny little desires. Just for fun, I entered the prize draw too - PANDORA are giving away ten lovely pieces from their Valentine's Collection - and winning is as simple as sharing a link on social media, here!

Perusing PANDORA's Valentine's Collection on their mobile app. This app is an absolute gem for men looking to buy sparklies for their loved ones without having to abandon the comfort of their man cave nor trip over the many obstacles of choices - Gold? Silver? What the heck is white gold, isn't that like silver? Do your man a favour - download the app onto his phone and nudge him in the direction of the PANDORA Gift Finder where he can choose the perfect addition to your jewellery collection; based on jewellery type, metal, colour, and budget. Or, you could use the app yourself and make a wishlist with Pandora Club Integration, and with easy sharing options you can send hints about what you like via Facebook or email. Gentlemen - here's to a pain free Valentine's gift shopping experience. Ladies - don't forget to tie your wishes to the Wishing Tree and tell your loved ones how you feel. x

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of Pandora bracelets, but this idea is absolutely genius! I hope they do really well with it this Valentine's day. I think I wouldn't be able to hold back the tears of cuteness on some of these!

    Katie <3

    1. Isn't it all just so painfully sweet?!! I want all the rings! x