Party Like It's V-Day

February 16, 2015

I'm so lucky I got to spend Valentine's Day with some of my best friends; in fact my day was devoted to the celebration of not one, but two birthdays - my best friend (and you know I don't use that phrase lightly) Michiekins, and Loui. 

First port of call was *chika chika* Limshady's All White Pool Party - think Hamptons meets Ibiza vibes; a white chocolate fountain, all white errrrthang from linen to the balloons to the party wear (even for the  DJs flown into K.L just for this whitest of occasions). Birthday boy was too busy being thrown into the pool and attacked by inflatable animals so I left Loui to do his thing, caught up with Ash and bonded with Fran over Harry Potter conspiracy theories (I sure do know how to party). When evening fell, I dashed off to Mont Kiara for Michiekin's pool party (notice a theme here?) in the sky, well, the Sky Beach. Just like her birthday last year; we rolled around the grass while Chef Marcus (her hubs) grilled up sone seriously deliciously giant prawns  (and squid...and chicken wings...mmm) before jumping into the hot tub with ice-cold champagne. To wrap this post up in a big birthday bow, my V-Day was all about friends, birthdays, and pools. As lucky as I am that my beloved will be joining me in K.L tomorrow (and Borneo for Chinese New Year), I know that some of my friends are feeling crummy about being single on a day where ostentatious displays of affection are de rigeur. I'm just saying that Valentine's Day isn't about being with a lover - love comes in many forms including being with your friends on their special day. Anyway, enough of my words - picture time! x

Welcome to the Hamptons. Or Ibiza. Or something. "Didn't somebody tell you that this was an all white party?!" - White Chicks

Half the pool (the side closest to the DJ) was full of raucous, rippling, wet muscle - clearly the ones who go to the gym. The other half was empty and flanked by sun beds where non-gym goers like myself languidly lounged on with their clothes resolutely on. Ain't nobody ready for my jelly...

Happy Birthday Louuiiii!
Tapao-ed (takeaway) a cupcake (white, naturally) for sustenance which I ate en route to Michiekins'.

A photo posted by Nana👑 (@nanabwincess) on
A photo posted by Nana👑 (@nanabwincess) on

Serious deja vu - for Michiekins' last birthday her party was in this very same Sky Beach. But last birthday she was pregnant with Mika, and now he's in his pram taking a disco nap downstairs.

And the other difference this year is that this time the hot tub was actually hot. A little too hot even. Probably because my friends are too hot to handle haha. Turn uuup
Happy Birthday Michiekins!
What did you do on Valentine's Day? Answers on a postcard! x


  1. I had a completely different valentine's. I have to say though, I am terrified of all the girls sitting so close to the edge of that glass screen. Please tell me there is something underneath them! Everyone looks gorgeous!

    Katie <3

  2. I spent my Valentines listening to loud music in Dalston. I was imagining how a pool night would have been here in London. Chilly, to say the least!
    Happy to see you are having fun!