Tweet & Eat

January 08, 2015

For the obsessive-compulsive documenter of all things photogenic and delicious - the two must go hand in hand! - there is nothing more welcoming than dining with your own tribe - that is, bloggers - where you can all tweet and eat throughout your meal without any judgement. Well, there is one other thing - to do all of the above at an establishment that actively encourages such interaction. DF/ Mexico is such a place. Ever since their arrival to Brick Lane, East London last summer I have been actively engaging DF/ Mexico in some serious Twitter banter. Bloomzy too fell for their flirtatious charms - all 140 characters of it - and so it was at our favourite Mexican diner that she organised a catch-up dinner for us blogging types. Question: What is a collective noun for bloggers? Answer: Hashtag. A hashtag of bloggers. Certified and authenticated by yours truly. 

Bloomzy's Olympus Pen which I love for its vintage-style looks. I'd love one in taupe and white. Is it too late to write to Santa?

Frozen margaritas - raspberry, hibiscus, and passionfruit - a round of which DF/ Mexico kindly sent out for us. Tweeting is tiring, thirsty work.

There's something fishy about Sara's earrings...

Bloggers at work - Bloomzy and Honey. Tirelessly photographing London's best eats so you don't have to.

For a more comprehensive review of DF/Mexico read my blog post about them, here.

I'm slightly tipsy and may have sustained blogging-related injuries at dinner - first, from getting a splinter in my back when I skedaddled up the wooden booth to photograph our dishes; second, pulled my shoulder from strenuous social media activity (ie. excessive tweeting, the new tennis elbow); and third, I threw my back out while throwing some serious 'fashion blogger' shapes when taking outfit of the day photos. The latter was for naught, no amount of 'finding the light' and tippy toes will ever find me in favour of Tyra - some people are better behind the camera than in front of it (as evidenced by yours truly's stunning photos of Henry further contrasted by derpy shots

Wearing a poncho because post-Christmas food baby, ya'll.

Thank you ladies for supplying the laughs - I couldn't ask for better company and conversation - and DF/Mexico for supplying the noms, the Twitter banter, and the frozen margaritas. x 


  1. I love that us bloggers have our own language and the new term a hashtag of bloggers is a perfect one! I was thinking the same thing about over doing the social media the other day and I told Mr S I had 'twitter finger' as in my finger felt sore from scrolling my screen so much...but I realise that sounds a little dodgy!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Twitter finger IS a real malaise! I've also developed a new one - I call it ghost finger - where I've been blogging so much that it feels like the fingerprint on my right index finger has rubbed off, making me an unidentifiable 'ghost' :( The pain. It's REAL. x

  2. Must. Not. Read food posts pre-lunch, sooo hungry now! I love eating out with out blogger/photographers - so much easier when everyone knows the drill, though the boy is now pretty well trained in it too!!

    Rosie xx

    1. Haha blogger boyfriends always end up getting the, um, benefits, of second-hand blogging! ;) x