2014 : A retrospective

December 30, 2014

What a year it's been. 
January seems like a lifetime away yet somehow 2014 has gone by in a flash. Where did the time go? And where did I go, or more importantly - where did I start and where am I now? If not for this blog and my chronic obsession with documenting my days I wouldn't remember a thing - and I am grateful for my compulsive desire to photograph, write about, blog, and share my memories on Posh, Broke, & Bored. I am especially humbled and grateful that you, dear reader, have joined me for the ride - through my moments of excessive narcissism, emotional weakness, and overbearing excitement for the world, the people, and the events that orbit around the gravitational pull that is my colourful, exasperatingly indulgent but always painfully sincere world. Thank you for being my satellite. I can't express in words how happy I am that this blog has introduced me to friends I can't imagine having lived without, to opportunities I'd never think would come my way, and especially the kindness of strangers who extend their kind words, warm wishes, and thoughts to me whether by comments (however sparse they might be, won't you speak up more?), tweets, and emails. Ah! Just thinking of you all and how you've accompanied me on my journey through the year is making me emotional. I shan't run the ire of the orchestra by wasting everyone's time by waffling on with some teary-eyed speech - "I'd like to thank the producers, the directors, and their dogs..." so please, let my photos do the talking, and enjoy the retrospective. Let's give 2014 one last look before we move onward to the brave new year. To infinity...and beyond! x


January was a good month for work - both lifestyle writing and art. I covered London Fashion Week for both Arcadia Online and Tresor Paris, got a taste of working in an artist studio in Bermondsey (which placed me to sample the flavours of Bermondsey Street which would be the catalyst of 'Bermondsey Bites'), and I worked on an artist collaboration with Moët & Chandon for a charity auction in Kuala Lumpur. 


This was the month of jet lag. After the Moët & Chandon auction, I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Borneo for Chinese New Year, then to Singapore for a day, dashed back to K.L, and then finally back to London to report on LFW for Tresor Paris. Did I say finally? Oops, my bad - right after arriving in London I flew over to Istanbul for the weekend for my cousin's wedding. 


Nokia, one of my longstanding clients, sent me to the countryside to cook with Great British Chefs and two-Michelin star chef Josh Eggleton at Walnut Farm. I collaborated with Tresor Paris to create illustrations for their new watches, and proudly debuted them at their launch in the Bentley showroom, Mayfair. Afterward I nipped over to Malaysia again. This was a trip that didn't end well, with my beloved Leica stolen at Nuffnang's 007 Birthday party. I had to now rely on my new Lumix GF6, and thanks to the swivel screen, my selfie game seriously levelled up. Oh, and as London Fashion Week wasn't enough, I ended up at Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur. And ended up blogging about it. This time for free. And now I've been put off from fashion weeks.


I recuperate at the lavish Taaras Villa in Redang, Malaysia, whiling away the week in the lap of turquoise watered luxury. Hennessy X.O sent me to Danga Bay, Johor, for their Hennessy X.O 'Appreciation Grows' annual dinner where we were embarked on a culinary journey of the world's flavours. 


I met Henry and my life has never been the same. He enlightened me by telling me the secrets of the cats, which he may one day divulge to the public, but for now we are inducting carefully selected members to the cult (who have to be approved by the cat council). Anyway. My Malaysia Tatler feature came out in the May issue, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see that I made the cover. Cass Art profiled me for a feature 'Illustrating Excellence' on their website. I took my favourite holiday yet - Cuba! Luxy, Ciara, and I spent ten surreal, wonderful, and eye-opening days in Havana and Cayo Largo Del Sur. 

I started to get involved with Regimental Vintage - Henry's military vintage and accessories online shop - by directing the photography and eventually producing the photoshoots. Henry and I travelled to our first destination together - Rome & Vatican City - where we met the Pope (sort of) and I wandered the Eternal City in search for inspiration for my next illustration project...


...'An Illustrated Roman Holiday' inspired by Roman Holiday, commissioned by The House of Peroni! It was a challenge to say the least, and my many tears, tantrums, and hysterics throughout proved Henry's patience and level-headedness. To celebrate, Henry and I took a holiday in Lisbon.


The warm (by English standards) summer days saw myself spending more time in the country. Henry and I picnicked with The Eccentrics at Fawley Hill and he took us camping at Hadleigh castle for my birthday.

I discovered Well & Bucket which was the beginning of a longstanding love affair with their lobster roll - still my favourite lobster brioche ever, and in my opinion the best in London - and their crab cheese fries.


A nasty little reprobate at the train station got drunk, started threatening people, and attacked Henry who showed remarkable restrain in defending himself and keeping the situation under control. It was a very dramatic day and you can read about it here. Thankfully the rest of the month was a far more refined affair with us putting on our glad rags for the Country Life Royal Reception Ball at The Natural History Museum, and scrubbing up to see Rufus Wainwright at BBC Proms. Oh, and Top 10 Asia named me as one of their 10 Most Inspiring Female Personalities.


I finally got my own artist's studio - proper blog post to come! - and illustrated the Twin Geeks banner for Sara's new Youtube channel. I brought Henry to Malaysia and while it felt surreal at first, having my two worlds (London and Kuala Lumpur) meet, we quickly eased into the languid pace of Malaysia of eating, sight-seeing, and driving. I showed him the world's oldest rainforest at Taman Negara (National Park) where he cuddled a wild Malayan Tapir, we met the butterflies and birds of Kuala Lumpur, sweltered in the heat of former Dutch quarters of Malacca, and scaled the concrete steps into the limestone chambers of Batu Caves. T'was quite the adventure indeed, and I enjoyed playing tour guide as much as being tourist in my own country. Henry got quite the tan. I upgraded my trusty old Canon 450D to a Canon 600D and started taking photography a bit more seriously, which I hope you've noticed in my recent photographs. With better tools, my enthusiasm for being the photographer of Regimental Vintage increased tenfold and I became even more involved with Henry's brand - I'm now the co-owner of Regimental Vintage! - and together we source, direct, photograph, and basically run the shop. 


Cinderella goes to the ball! The Malaysia Tatler Ball, that is - only the social event of the year. Henry loved every moment of it, especially being encouraged to smoke cigars in the ballroom. Oh, and I got fat - I came to the shocking realisation that I'd gained 10kg since May. I consoled myself by redecorating my London bedroom and living room.


I held my first blog giveaway just in time for Christmas - it felt good playing 'Santa', that is selective Santa. I realised how much of a thrill I get from gifting people and wrapping presents! I was sad that I don't celebrate Christmas until Henry declared that we would do it his way. We ended up gifting each other something like 14 presents between the both of us, and spent Christmas evening at Sara's. Before Christmas we both travelled to Transylvania, Romania, in search of Dracula. We didn't find the head vampire but I'm certain it was one of his vampire bat cronies that stole my brand new iPhone 6. Bah! Should've carried more garlic. Anyway, I replaced my iPhone 6 and I finally learnt to buy insurance. 

*takes a deep breath* Well, that's my 2014 - 365 days summed up in one blog post. To say that it's been one heck of a year is an understatement. I'd never have dreamt that things would've turned out the way they had this year, and in retrospect, a lot has happened that has changed me for better and for worse. Would I have done anything differently? Yes, in hindsight, but I'm not one to try and change the past, especially knowing that it's also the badness and the sadness that makes you who you are, not just the easy times. After all smooth sailing never made a good sailor. Of course I may have glossed over (more like not mentioned at all) the tears, the pain, the misery *plays the world's smallest violin* of 2014 but I'm choosing to remember it for all the happiness, excitement, and joy it brought me. And now that I've turned around, looked back at the reel, and back to you again, dear audience, I say - let us take a final bow, close the curtain on 2014, wait for intermission (New Year's Eve) and welcome our next act - 2015.

Happy Rest of 2014. Here's to an even better and brighter year. xx


  1. Great post and lovely round up - what an amazing year for you! I hope 2015 brings even more fun, travel and success for you.

    Rosie xx

    1. Thank you Rosie! I hope 2015 brings you lots of opportunities, excitement, joy, and good health! Here's to the new year! x

  2. Ahh I can't believe how quickly this year has flown! This time last year we were planning Cuba and booking the flights!!!!

    We still need to plan where we're going in 2015! I have my list ready ;)

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

    1. Cuba seemed like a lifetime away but it was only in May! I'm astounded! Now's the time to plan our next destination. I'm thinking Carribean, or Bora Bora, or Maldives...what do you think? x

    2. Caribbean, for sure! Bora Bora and Maldives are too 'honeymoon-y' :P haha!

      C x

  3. Happy new year to you! What an amazing year you've had! May your 2015 be smashing!

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year, here's to your 2015 full of opportunity, health, and happiness! xx

  4. the yellow dress u wore to the the country life event is soooo gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! It's inspired by By Love and Lemons! xx

  5. Regina George (Post-Bus)January 03, 2015

    I missed a lot of these! I must have been doing something stupid, like sleeping, because otherwise I would remember gems like Roman Holiday, PBB-style. Roman Holiday was the first Hepburn flick I saw sometime in my early teens, and I was like, this is what life should be, running around Rome, being romanced by Gregory Peck, and surreptitiously photographed via "cigarette lighter" as I am my charming and adorable ingenue self. (Though in all truthfulness I'm much more of a Patricia Neal or Lauren Bacall; I doubt anyone would ever call me innocent or demure, but that's certainly not what a Regina is meant to be.)

    I'm intrigued by your mention of the cat council. It might explain why my three are always having private confabs. My sister says it's because they're deciding whether or not to vote me out.

    Fabulous post round-up, I'm looking forward to catching up on what I've missed. Thanks for so generously letting us tag along on some of your adventures, and also for being an honest and emotionally functional blogger who's a pleasure to read!

    1. Don't feel bad for missing any of these. I can barely remember any it and I'M the sod it all happened to! plus you have a year's full of events to catch up on. Like a Netflix marathon haha.

      Oh, the cat council, according to Henry, sit in a circle and discuss tectonic plates. I'm trying to get more information but the council is notoriously tight-lipped...

      Thank you for sticking around, you've been a great audience! xx

  6. What a roundup! Sounds like you've had an incredible year! My godfather and his wife (Who is Malay/Malaysian - pretty sure she says 'Malay') live in Penang - It's such a beautiful place with so much to do! I'd love to visit the rest of Malaysia though!

    I'll be picking your brains on the best places to visit/where to eat etc etc - also when is best to go! We were thinking maybe November?

    Katie <3

    1. You'll love my Malaysia blog posts! There's soooo much to eat - you'll wish you had four stomachs so you had room for it all! x