Winter nest

November 17, 2014

'Grand chandelier' glo canvas, Nelly London / Moët blanket, gifted / faux fur throw, TK Maxx / Mulig rail, IKEA / unfinished paint job, me.

When I stepped off the plane from Kuala Lumpur an arctic blast greeted me and blasted away any delusions I had of an eternal summer after being in Malaysia for nearly a month. Winter is here in London and it is real, so real the doctor says I'm the ill-est ('cos I'm suffering from realness). I've taken great steps to weatherproof my nest, and by that I mean redecorate my bedroom to be so clean, calming, and warm so that I'd never need leave it except for work. If only I could so easily insulate my artist's studio! Those huge windows, so welcome in summer, are now perplexing my tranquility. C'est whatever. One space at a time. For now I've been repainting my bedroom walls and rearranging the furniture to accommodate my growing collection of winter clothes (those damn furs take up so much space). 

Mirror, car boot sale / James Gillray, Fashionable Contrasts print / Billy bookcases, IKEA

When I moved into this apartment 4 years ago I went a bit crazy with dark paint, spurred on by the 'this is my fixer upper!' spirit that possesses every newcomer to the property ladder. The hallway of my home is a depressingly murky shade of Farrow & Ball 'Downpipe'-inspired algae green. Even worse: for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to paint the walls facing my bed black. Shiny black. Black can make walls and ceiling appear to recede, giving an illusion of a cozier space but you don't just paint half a wall black, call it a day, and live for the next four years with a bedroom wall that looks like a Malayan tapir. I've been repainting the wall back to brilliant white with this odourless, 99% solvent free paint from the Crown 'Breatheasy' range which means I can sleep in the room even as it dries. And here's another praise to sing about Crown 'Breatheasy' Brilliant White: I didn't even have to sand, prime, or paint an undercoat on the black, glossy walls. All it took was 3 layers of Brilliant White, with about 2 hours drying time between each layer and 4 hours for the last. See for yourself: the wall with the mirror and James Gillray print was once glossy black, and this is what it looks like after just 3 layers of Brilliant White. It's now so white, so wintry, and so clean that it's the focal point of the room---I can't stop staring at it. 

Mirror and frame, vintage / Trunk was my great-grandfather's / Kartell Bougie-inspired lamp, Daisy West (sold out)

This part of my bedroom, the console table beside the bed, isn't terribly far off from what I want it to look like. I just need to tidy and put away all that mess into the wardrobe (really a small room in my hallway where my clothes live) which is at the moment being used as stockroom for Regimental Vintage. I might DIY the console table---paint the legs and trim gold, and have the surfaces covered in malachite contact paper. Is this a terrible idea, or so terrible that it's almost brilliant? Answers on a postcard. 

Bed linen by Designer's Guild (sold out) / faux fur throw, TK Maxx / screen prints, Pure Evil

As much as I love the dark florals of my bed linen I want to swap it for something brighter and more minimal to match the soon-to-be-whiteness of my bedroom. I have my eye on this marble print duvet cover from Society 6 but don't know what the quality of their bedding is like. Who has bought bedding from Society 6 and tell me how good their linens are? Should I have it custom made myself?

Nordic White Marble duvet cover, Spankrock Susanna on Society 6 

Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote / Louis Vuitton 'Sofia Coppola' bag / Simpsons bedroom slippers, Primark 

This part of the bedroom used to house a huge mirror, a picture ledge with a higgledy-piggledy of framed photos, my clothes rail, and my great-grandfather's trunk which is now tucked neatly under the console table. I've swapped the clothing rail to the end of my bed (where the walls were once black) with the bookcases that were there. A new white bookcase will be added to make use of that 'dead space' and create more horizontal storage. The clothing rail will be swapped from the standard IKEA cheap & cheerful to a hanging clothes rail in spanking metal: chrome, copper, or gold? I feel that gold best suits my bedroom but I am quite enamoured with copper as of late. Behold its splendour:

But gold is nice too! Decisions, decisions.

So yes, I've ordered more paint to finish the walls with, ordered another bookcase from IKEA, and am still mulling over the perfect ceiling clothes rail and the perfect marble-print bedding. I can't wait for it to all come together. Even as that happens I'm also dividing my attention between my artist's studio and the rest of my apartment...slowly but surely.

Bonus photo!

Four years ago, when I was really into the military-inspired trend and knew nothing about where to find mess dresses, battle tunics, and real military clothing, having a rail full of genuine military vintage tunics, coats, and mess dresses was like a dream come true for me. How does the saying go? "Be careful what you wish for." Because now...

...I have a military vintage clothing dealer for a boyfriend and a business partner, and my living room is basically a showroom for Regimental Vintage. This behemoth of a rail, heaving with the most stunning vintage military and vintage designer brands eg. Valentino, Burberry, Aquascutum, Mulberry, while destined for our shop has now taken over my living room and all but obscured Coolio's tank (he's very pleased about the clothes insulating his home though!) and my new butterfly wall, freshly decorated with taxidermy insects and butterflies. Is there ever too much of a good thing? I wonder. If anything it gives me more decorating and home projects to do, which I can never get enough of. x


  1. Don't get Society 6 - quality really isn't all that - I've only got cushion covers but they feel more like lining material than proper material and not at all soft/natural feeling... H&M are doing marble print bedding but dunno if that would be any better!!!!

    Rosie xx

    1. Whaaaaat! Noooo that makes me sad---I was so ready to order about six hundred different duvets from Society 6! I did consider the H&M marble print bedding but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Oh well, on to the next! Thank you for the heads up xx

  2. Ahhhh, I love that Gillray print! I first saw it as the cover of a copy of Tom Jones, how appropriate. I think you've done an amazing job with your bedroom just as it is, but I'm looking forward to the changes!

    1. For a crazy second I thought you meant Tom Jones the 'Welsh Elvis'!
      Thank you for your kind words. Bedroom makeover blog post coming soon! xx

  3. Your bed frame is giving me life. Where did you get it?!

    I love your home blogs!

    1. Thank you!
      Believe it or not I found my bed on Tesco Direct. Can't remember the brand though! x

  4. Def do a living room one. I'm redecorating and I need inspiration! Would you advise against painting the wall behind your bed black i.e the first wall you see when you come in, if the rest of the room is white or do you think it could be chic?

    1. The thing about painting a feature wall is that you have to very committed to it. It has to be the centre of attention and you have to decorate around it really. My mistake was that I painted a wall that was neither here nor there. If it's the wall behind your bed and you centre your decor around it, it could work! Just don't paint if with a reflective or shiny paint, stick to matte! x