Baby Mikakins! + Tong Tai

November 05, 2014

There's nothing quite so surreal as carrying your best friend (who is the same age as you)'s newborn baby!
Not nearly as surreal for me as it is for Michiekins, she's the mother and I'm just a curious spectator into the brave new world of parenting. More and more of my Malaysian peers (some my age or just a little older) are having/have just had babies and I've been enjoying the glimpses into their new roles as mothers BUT! When it happens so close to you, to your best friend, that's when the reality of impending adulthood starts staring you in the face like a incoming comet heading toward to sh-sh-shake up your world. Oooooooooh sh*t's getting reaaaal! Especially when said best friend who is now a mother was a bit of a crybaby in college, remember those MNG jeans that made you cry Ah Pin? I'm going to tell Baby Mika when he's a bit older: "Your mum wasn't always this strong and brave. One time she couldn't get a refund on these orange MNG jeans, so she just sat in my car with tears quietly rolling down her face." Hahaha I'm never going to let you live that down! But only because I need something to compare with how far you've come along! Michiekins had a difficult delivery (Baby Mika is a big boy at 3.4kg but Michiekins is tiny) but even so brought him into the world naturally! I was there at the hospital the day she delivered Baby Mika and heard all the scary details from Michiekins and her husband Marcus, but even reading her blog post about her harrowing experience still made me shudder. Achievement unlocked: childbirth! Michiekins, I'm so proud of you! You're going to be a great mum, Baby Mika is so blessed to have you and Marcus for parents,   and he's so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love him! No joke, this little guy has a wardrobe full of designer clothes gifted to him and a nursery full of presents. Baby Mika, be prepared to hear "Your wish lah!" from your mum, a lot. I hope your taste won't be as expensive as hers and mine hehehehe.

Seriously though, how can you say no to that face?! I find most newborn babies quite nondescript looking (it's true! Babies don't really look like anything until they're six months old) and some positively look like baby monkeys, with the baldness and wrinkles and all. But! Baby Mika is so cute! I know he's big for a newborn (he's bigger than Malibu, Michelle's teacup maltese hahahaha) but I'm absolutely enamoured by his 'littleness' (and even more amazed that Michelle grew him in her belly for nine months, OMG I need to stop thinking about the biology and mechanics behind baby making or my head will explode). Those flailing mitten-clad hands! That peaceful demeanour! That satisfied, sleepy face he makes after he's had his milk! And those eyes! He has Michiekins' eyes! 

At some point Ashley and I were having a catty little gossip about Malaysian social-climbers when Baby Mika opened his eyes and rolled them as if to say "Ugh, you two, just stop talking now!" ahaha judge much? I had to scold Ash for swearing in front of him and cover his ears everytime I said something scandalous. Hahaha sorry Mika, just ignore your aunties and please don't pick up our language! And for the love of God please never read my blog about your mother's and mine antics. OMG by the time Baby Mika is old enough to read, everything on my blog will be so dated and he'll think that I'm such a lame aunty. 

But time marches on: people grow up and their lives change. Blogs evolve to reflect this, and while I'm not going to go from zero to 'How to swaddle your baby' tutorials anytime soon, it's a sign of the shift in seasons when Posh, Broke, & Bored is less 'London nightlife and parties with stranger danger' to 'travel, eating, and home decor'. Here's a first for me: being invited to try baby clothing and skincare! Tong Tai, an infant apparel company, sent me some things and I dutifully passed them to Baby Mika to review, hehe.

I picked a blue elephant pillow, pacifier, buttock care cream, and mittens for Baby Mika! And also some flowers (not from Tong Tai, haha) for his mummy. 

Tong Tai is an eco-friendly brand that makes premium quality baby clothes, designed in Italy from imported Australian cotton and bamboo fibre at very reasonable prices. They believe in safe, natural and soft materials being essential for children and are concerned about our children creating our future. Tong Tai is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmentally friendly  system certification. They entered the Asian market recently in 2012 and their online presence is new, but even so when I went on their website last week to pick some things most of their skincare and hygiene products were sold out. It's all back in stock now though, with many more items in their gifts, baby care, and clothing section in affordable prices.



  1. Regina George (Post-Bus)November 06, 2014

    OMG! So tiny, so adorable! Thank God there's a reaction gif to such cute:

    Congratulations to Michie and Aunty Jas!

    1. Isn't he the sweetest?! I'll pass your well wishes to Michelle! x

  2. Just read Michiekin's post. OMG! The littlest girls are the strongest, I swear! And another OMG! That is one cute baby! So rare with natural birth...usually they look like aliens. Congratulations to her and congratulations to you, Auntie! Wait until the baby clothes obsession begins!